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2008. Guillaume Ségur. UNTITLED (ENS), 2004



Video installation
Furniture-architecture for video, wood, zdimension: 190x310x130 cm.
1 LCD monitor, 1 monitor.
2 DVD PAL, 4/3, coul0r, stereo sound, lenght:
The walking girl, 9min 40
The guitarist, 3min 20

The spectator finds themself in front of a wooden mass. It is unclear whether it’s a sculpture, a piece of furniture or a model. This “shelter” was in fact conceived from the mental imagary of a school. While representing the turns of inclined hallways, it further incorporates a warped perspective in proportion to its spatial volume. As a result: the collision of an abstract cube and a functional cube.

The actual school is relayed to the spectator by the images on the screen. At first, a labyrinth where the metronomotic wanderings of a young girl are used as a pretext for the spatial discovery, to film the architecture. This long walk is also a way to show the time, the measured time of a metronome of steps, the time, no longer fluid, passes through the hallways, through the use of this silhouette, who could be any student. On the second screen, a living room, where a guitarist plays a solo piece: a surreal tune between a rock melody and an electronic repetition. The music creates a feeling of vertigo where the revolving sounds make an echo to the incessant sound of steps of the first video.

The video come furniture has the effect to seem to contain everything, encapsulating its sounds and images. In fact, its continual movements in a game of interplaying the concepts of inside and outside saturate all the technical and thematic elements of the ensemble, a window looking out towards a garden, a hermetic hallway; one screen that propels out of the structure and the other which is superimposed; the sounds which cross the faces of the structure. The entirety of the elements caught in a play of circulation.