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2008. Andreas Templin. MONUMENT FOR DONATELLA VERSACE, 2005


Monument-for-Do-Versace-1   Monument-for-Do-Versace-182

Installation view at Art Chicago / Art in the Park, Chicago 2005
Installetive mixed media work with performative elements



"Monument for Donatella Versace" is an artwork whitch interplays performative and installative aspects. It is built as an aesthetical "co-branding" adopting Versace-like elements with the intencion of commenting the idioms of pre-manufactured lifestyle-conceps on the example of Donatella Versace. It follows the intention of an "unwished co-branding"- to bring the luxurious lifestyle promoted by the brand Versace to the street-level.

Next to the monument, which is preferably installed in periphere urban surroundings, free champagne in the coolers and kitschy R&B music from a ghettoblaster and a few (casted) fancy Versace-like dressed girls are being used to indulge the visitors into a sort of exclusive club-like atmosphere vernissage/opening blurring the boundaries of branding and visual art equally.

The announcement/invitation for the event/opening is printed on promotional gifts like lighters and matches appearing in the same style than the monument.