Common Material

2009-2010. EVALUATION MEETING 2010 (programme)

Evaluation meeting
Matadero, 2nd and 3th of July of 2010

Internal discuss with the artists of this 6 edition of Madrid Abierto together with Democracia, Ramon Parramon and Fito Rodríguez (all of them, members of the advisory committee of Madrid Abierto between 2007 and 2009. They analyzed the five editions of the project and proposed the general lines of the actual edition). Both the artists and Madrid Abierto can invite to anyone that had made a directly collaboration on the organization or in the projects of this edition.

In general, the sessions will develop in Spanish because Matadero don’t have a system of simultaneous translation, but the interventions can made in English.

Friday 2nd of July. From 16.30 to 18.30 h.
Evaluation of the agreement fulfilment of the advisory committee of Madrid Abierto (March of 2008) and discussion the incidence in the execution of the projects from the artists viewpoint:

·    Keep the international open call with a 50% maximum of invited artists by the curator.
·    Establish a bienal periodicity, maintain the firs year for the discussion pannels and the presentation of the artists selected. Also this first year is use for work with the artists selected and to develop the projects.
·    Continue doing the projects during the month of February.
·    Include on the open call, a general paragraph of the summons of this edition and another one more specific from the curator.
·    Still working on the overflow physical and conceptual axis of Prado-Recoletos-Castellana.
·    Continue with the sections of audiovisual and sound works and increase the specific means to show them.
·    Continue with the actual advisory committee and select the curator between of them.
·    Generate documents and publications which develop the experience and the knowledge of the editions fulfilled.

Saturday, 3th of July. From 12.00 to 14.00 h.
Analysis of the results of the projects made during this edition and the new lines of intervention.
·    Public archive of Madrid Abierto in Matadero
·    Educational project
·    Make a production of an exhibition with documentary character of the development of Madrid Abierto during the past six editions.