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Discoteca Flaming Star    Discoteca Flaming Star

Johanna Billing    You don’t love me yet

Alfonso Gil + Francis Gomila   Guantanamera

Ben Frost   I lay my ear to furious

Dan Perjovschi    Off

Dirk Vollenbroich    Short circuit / Cortocircuito www.dirkvollebroich

Mandla Reuter Pictures

Susan PhillipszFollow Me

Anikka Ström    The missed concert

Dora García    Rezos/Prayers

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Oswaldo Macià    Cuando los perros ladran

Leopold KesslerAlarm bike





2007. Jorge Díez. PRESENTATION

 MADRID ABIERTO is an international artistic initiatives programme which is held throughout the month of February in the junction Paseo de la Castellana-Recoletos-Prado since 2004. It is an avenue for approaching the interpretation and comprehension of how the public space is constructed from the sphere of art. Since its first open invitation announcement it has received more than 1.200 proposals. Out of all the projects presented, 29 were exhibited in the previous three editions and 13 will be exhibited this year, selected by different juries comprised by international experts.

Organised by the Cultural Association MADRID ABIERTO, the 2007 edition of the programme is promoted by the Altadis Foundation, the Department of Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the Governing Department for the Arts of the City Council of Madrid, with the collaboration of the Telefónica Foundation, La Casa Encendida of Obra Social Caja Madrid, the Ministry of Culture, ARCO, Radio 3 of RNE, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Canal Metro, Cemusa, Centro Cultural de la Villa of Madrid, Remo, Mediazero and Metro.

For this fourth edition, which will be held from the 1st to the 28th of February, a total of 658 projects were presented; 471 for the general invitation, 61 for the façade of La Casa de América, 28 for the façade of Círculo de Bellas Artes, 74 works for Canal Metro and 24 sonorous initiatives for Radio 3. The breakdown by countries of the projects presented is as follows: Spain (174), Italy (46), USA (46), Mexico (40), Argentina (33), Germany (28), Colombia (28), France (25), Brazil (18), Canada (16), Cuba (16), Ecuador (14), Chile (13), The Netherlands (13), Portugal (12), Ireland (9), Sweden (9), United Kingdom (9), Venezuela (9), Japan (7), Austria (6), Yugoslavia (6), Australia (5), Peru (5), Belgium (4), Costa Rica (4), Finland (4), Norway (4), Poland (4), Turkey (4), China (3), Croatia (3), Slovenia (3), Russia (3), Switzerland (3), Uruguay (3), Bulgaria (2), El Salvador (2), Georgia (2), Guatemala (2), India (2), Iceland (2), Israel (2), New Zealand (2), Czech Republic (2), Cyprus (1), Denmark (1), Estonia (1), The Philippines (1), Greece (1), Hungary (1), Latvia (1), Lithuania (1), The Dominican Republic (1), Serbia (1) and Singapore (1).

The selection committee was comprised by Juan Antonio Álvarez-Reyes (curator of Madrid Abierto 2007), Ramon Parramon (director of Idensitat), Cecilia Andersson (director of Werk) and Guillaume Désanges (co-ordinator of art projects in Les Laboratoires D’Aubervilliers, Ille de France). We declared the project for the façade of Círculo de Bellas Artes unfulfilled and pre-selected thirty projects, from which the curator finally selected Fernando(We were young. Full of life. None of us prepared to die) by the collective Discoteca Flaming Star; proyecto_nexus* by the collective [nexus*] art group; I Lay My Ear To Furious Latin by Ben Frost; Rezos/Prayers by Dora García;Pictures by Mandla Reuter; Guantanamera by Alonso Gil and Francis Gomila and Short Circuit/Cortocircuito by Dirk Vollenbroich. In addition to these seven selected projects, the current edition is complemented by other projects from artists invited by the curator: Dan Perjovschi, Susan Philipsz, Johanna Billing, Leopold Kessler, Oswaldo Maciá and Annika Ström. Through this mixed selection model our intention is to continue to make progress in our objective of broadening each annual proposal of MADRID ABIERTO.

In this year’s edition, for the first time, two specific invitations for audiovisual and sonorous works were announced, which were selected by the curator, myself, Arturo Rodríguez and José Iges. The following 11 works were selected for projecting on Canal Metro: Rothkovisión 3.0 by Daniel Silvo; Mierda de caballos y príncipes by Fernando Baena; Rest by Carolina Jonsson; Every Word is becoming by Alexander Vaindorf; Alpenflug (Alpine Flight) by Juan Carlos Robles; Himno by Cristian Villavicencio; PlasmaLux06-7 by Tanja Vujinovic-Zvonka Simcic; Mis Quince by Alfredo Pérez; Lucía by Pere Ginard and Laura Ginés; Candy by Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi and The Toro’s Revenge by María Cañas. For broadcasting on Radio 3, the following 8 works were selected: Am I walking by Jouni Tauriainen; Bendicho juez de la verdad by Eldad Tsabary; Reiterations (Elizabeth Street) by Sonia Leber and David Chesworth; Postal Densa. Postal Sonora. Madrid-Bogotá by Mauricio Bejarano; Alkaline by Paul Devens; Funkenspiel by David Halsell; Poema Jazz (a Clara Gari) by Luis Eligio Pérez and BihotzBi by Zuriñe Gerenabarrena.

Likewise, following on with the work of the previous editions, E451 continues to develop the graphic image and web page and, for the second year running, together with various debate tables on public art, the selected artists will present their work in La Casa Encendida on the 1st and 2nd of February.

We are continuing the process of creating an initiative of a scale manageable by a small team without a permanent or continuous structure, based on an open invitation announcement geared towards the production of ephemeral or temporary projects for the public space of the city of Madrid.

Jorge Díez







2007. Anikka Ström. THE MISSED CONCERT (location)

La casa encendida, Ronda de Valencia nº 2. Frebruary 1, 20:00H









2007. Anikka Ström. THE MISSED CONCERT (published text)

 Ström’s public performances are short, and this has led to a number of her friends missing them through the tiniest twist or turn of fate. In her 2005 video The Missed Concert, the artist interviews some of these failed attendees, asking them to describe the circumstances behind their no-show. A woman in a floral dress tells of an over-run drink following a surprise meeting with an old friend. A parent reports a panicked call from a babysitter about a dirty nappy. A man in a blue shirt details a breakneck car journey that got him to the venue on time, where he was promptly thwarted by his need to pee. Best and most improbably of all, an Australian woman relates that just prior to a concert in Oslo, she slipped into a museum where she became enchanted by a painting of a woman riding a white bear. Wanting to snap the painting on her new and unfamiliar camera ‘phone, she fiddled with the buttons, finally got the shot, and ended up running to the gig only to find that Ström had just finished performing (‘I felt terrible’). These are the kind of things that befall us all, but they’re also the kind of things that can transform a bruised friendship into a bloodied one, or even (if they happen once too often) cause it to expire completely. Looked at like this, Ström’s video is an exercise in generosity and faith — a confession booth in which the excuses of the unfortunate are believed, and the feckless may find forgiveness. However, The Missed Concert also has a gently censorious undercurrent, one that laps at the feet of both Ström’s friends and the viewer alike. There’s a part of most of us that believes that time is on our side, that we will always win through at the eleventh hour, that we’ll make that million-to-one shot. We believe this because it is a satisfying narrative (how many films have you seen in which the hero doesn’t diffuse the bomb just before it counts down to zero?), and we’re creatures who are prone to turn our every experience into a scene from our own, personal bio-pic. Real life doesn’t work like that, though (ask a philosopher, and he’ll tell you that it’s impossible to satisfactorily prove even simple cause and effect). In real life we miss last trains and golden opportunities, we miss our friends’ concerts and, if we’re unlucky, we miss ever meeting the love of our lives. The Missed Concert presents us with a world — our world — in which time is out of joint, and our only available course of action is to wind our watches, and hope for the best.”

Tom Morton, Meta.paper vol.1.No 4. 2006










2007. Anikka Ström (Cv)


SOLO EXHIBITIONS2006·    Call for Demonstration, curated by Monica Ross, Hove, UK·    Sneaklaunch, Stockholm Citywide Billboard project commissioned by Bonniers Konsthall curated by Sara Arrhenius, Stockholm·    The kindest artist in the world, Random gallery, (Project space by Praz Delavallade & Air dParis), Paris

2005·    Jag vill kunna se vad det är, Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm·    The missed concert and the kindest artist in the world, c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin

2004·    Mary Goldman, Los Angeles, USA·    Det bästa , Galleri Box, Göteborg, Sweden·    I am in love/ all my dreams...Galleria Sonia Rosso, Turin, Italy

2003·    16 minutes  Galerie Drantmann, Brussels·    Everything in this show can be used against me, Casey Kaplan, New York,·    Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm

2001·    Six Songs for a Time Like This, c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin·    Six Songs for a Time Like This, IASPIS Galleriet, Stockholm·    Six Songs for a Time Like This, Statement Art 32 Basel at c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Basel

2000·    Grant for revolutionary  Goldman Tevis, Los Angeles, USA·    Ten New Love Songs, Videodrome, Copenhagen·    Annika Ström, c/o Atle Gerhardsen, Oslo

1999·    Manuscript Song, Galleria Sonia Rosso, Pordenone, I (cat.)·    Annika Ström - Ten New Love Songs, Wiener Secession, Vienna, A (cat.)·    Annika Ström at Transmission, Transmission, Glasgow·    Seven Songs, Akershus Kunstnersenter, Akershus·    Fem Skäl, c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Oslo

1998·    Seven Songs, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York, USA·    The First Song of Seven, Art Space 1%, Copenhagen, DK

1997·    Windowpillow, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York, USA·    Videoportrait screening No. X, Rooseum Museum for·    Contemporary Art, Malmö, S·    The Pineapple Project, Malmö, S

1996·    Annika Ström, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, Berlin

1995·    Anna Ström & Annika Ström (3 days performance), Rupert·    Goldsworthy Gallery, Berlin (cat.)·    Windowpillow, Gallery Saga Basement with J. Schou, Copenhag

GROUP EXHIBITIONS / SCREENINGS2006·    The Clinic. Berliner Hebbel Am Ufer-Theater curated by Anselm Franke and Hila Peleg·    In a Magical World curated by Juan Antonia Alvarez Reyes, Cala San Vicente, Pollensa, Majorca  Island·    Bastards, curated by Sinasa Mitrovic, White Chapel, London·    I am a victim of this song… and other sung videos, curated by Montse  Badia Centre d´Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona·    Too much love, curated by Amy Adler, Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, USA·    Innenausstattung. Privates Handeln curated by Janneke de Vries and Kerstin Stakemeier,·    Franz West without Franz West, curated by Veit Loers, Centre d'art Santa Mònica, Barcelona and Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria·    Janssons frestelse/Jansson´s Temptation, curated by Niels Bonde, Overgaden·    Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen·    Franz West without Franz West, curated by Veit Loers, Centre d'art Santa Mònica, Barcelona·    Mobile Screening in La Vidéotheque mobile by Fabrice Gygi, Landowski,Boulogne.·    The Peninsula art and film Anthology, Curated by Heman Chong Singapore History museum,Singapore

2005·    Edstrandska stiftelsen exhibition, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö·    Situated Self curated by Branko Dimitrijevic & Mika Hannula, Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrad, Serbia·    Situated Self , Helsinki City Museum, Finland·    Tourist Class, curated by Lars O Ericsson & M von Hausswolff, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö·    The 15 min show, curated by Christina Ricupero & Alexis Vaillant at Stedeljik Bureau, Amsterdam·    Lak-ka-pid-lak-ka-perd Invisible landscapes, curated by Miya Yoshida, Chula University, Bangkok, Thailand·    Moderna by night, release of Artist book with ONESTARPRESS, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden·    The failure, curated by Fanny Gonella & Sabine Schmidt, Korridor, Berlin·    Kyss Frosken, Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Oslo, Norway·    Electric Ladyland, Video und Weiblichkeit, curated by Katjy Albers, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin·    Funky Lessons, Bawag Foundation, Vienna·    Media in F, from feminist to feminists,Young Kee Kim,Ewha Art center, Seoul

2004·    Made in Berlin . curated by Zdenek Felix, Artforum, Berlin, Germany·    Funky Lessons, Büreau Friedrich curated by Jörg Heiser, Berlin, Germany·    SansPalais de Tokyo, Paris·    Hotel Hollywood, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, cur. by Svetlana Heger, Bregenz, Österreich·    Density  ±O, curated by Caroline Ferreira & Marainne Lavanere, Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris, F·    Die kleine Biennale, curated by Mark Kremer, De Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, NL·    Video-Film-Documentary Programme , NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland·    ideo Hits, Queensland Art Gallery, South Brisbane, Australia·    Density  ±O, Freiburger Kunstverein e.V., Freiburg, Swiss·    Criss-Cross, Kino, Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Andorra Cinema, Helsinki, followed by an international tour (2004-2006)

2003·    Narcissus , curated by Hilde Teerlink, Crac Alsace, Altkirch, France·    Contingent Living (cur. by Michelle Grabner), Bodybuilder & Sportsman Gallery, Chicago·    Invisible Landscape, curated by Miya Yoshida at Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art Malmö, Sweden·    Paradigm of love, curated by Judith Reichart, Vorarlberger Kunstverein, Bregenz, Österreich·    Inside Outliners, a probable anthology (cur. by Roland Patteeum), Kunsthalle  Lophem Belgium, Belgium·    5 Projects: Contemporary Art from Sweden, Yerba Buena Center for the ArtsSan Francisco, USA·    Piacenza, Milano, Italy, curated  by Paolo Zani·    Annika Ström, Catrin Otto, (Senatsstipendiaten der Stadt Berlin 2003) Kunstbank, Berlin

2002·    Cine y cas cine, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reine Sofia, Madrid, E·    Gossip, Konstmuseet Malmö, Malmö, S·    Art costs more than sausages, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, S·    The music in me 1 Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, D·    Gallery Group Show, Goldman Tevis, Los Angeles, USA·    Openvideospace (cur. by Marina Sorbello), Openspace, Milan, I·    Video Lounge (cur. by Maria Rosa Sossai), Fondazione Olivietti, Roma, I·    Documents, Documentaries and Documentation: Artists’ Film and Video Programme, Arnolfini, Bristol, GB·    “Je t’aime……moi non plus”, Kunstmuseum Thun, CH (touring exhibition)·    Göteborg Filmfestival “Artfilm”, Cinema Atalante, Göteborg, S

2001·    Experimental Film Festival BEFF, Project 304, Bangkok·    One Night Stand, (presented by Make), The Lethaby Gallery, London, GB·    Silence of the City, Gwangju City Art Museum, Gwangju, Korea·    WonderWorld, Kleines Helmhaus, Zürich, CH·    The Wedding Show, Casey Kaplan, New York, USA·    Summer Group Show, Galleria S.A.L.E.S., Roma, I·    The Artist’s World, curated by  Ralph Rugoff, CCAC Institute, San Francisco,USA (cat.)·    Monitor Vol. I, Gagosian Gallery, New York, USA·    Berlin_London_2001, ICA London, London, GB·    Pandas and bamboo a new song by Annika Ström I am the Panda, Robin Pruitt at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York, USA·    Bra mot melankoli – Remedy for Melancholy (cur. Anders Kreuger & Evaldas Stankevicius), Edsvik konst och kultur, Sollentuna, S / Baltic Art Center, Visby, S (cat.) / Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, LIT

2000·    Filles Modernes, École Superieure d´Art de Perpignan, Perpignan, F·, Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand, Copenhagen, DK·    Wonderful Copenhagen, Stadtgalerie Kiel, Kiel, D (cat.)·    Freeways and Garage, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, D·    Attraction, Metrónom, Barcelona, ES·    WaterFront. International Art Exhibition in Helsingborg-Helsingør, Kulturhuset Toldkammeret, Helsingør / Helsingborg Museum, DK·    Escape_Space, Ursula Blicke Stiftung, Kraichtal-Unteröwisheim, D (cat.)·    Flakk, or that extraordinary sensation of being abroad, even when at home, The Nordic House, Reykjavik, IS (cat.)·    Artists of the Gallery, Casey Kaplan, New York, USA·    Amateur/ Eldsjäl. Variable Research Initiatives 1900-2000, Konstmuseum, Göteborg, S (cat.)·    Shoot! International Video Festival, Malmö, S

1999·    Exit, Chisenhale, London, GB·    Close-ups, Nikolaj – Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, DK (cat.)·    Identität, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg, D·    Rosa für Jungs/Hellblau für Mädchen, NGBK, Berlin, D (cat.)·    NGBK, Berlin, D (leaflet)·    Level Cinema, W139, Amsterdam, NL·    Nasubi Gallery / Cities On The Move, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, DK

1998·    Nordic Nomads, White Columns, New York, USA·    Beige & Sneakers, Concert – Performance – Event, Büro Friedrich, Berlin, D·    Out of the North, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, D (cat.)·    Wrapped, Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum Sorø, DK (cat.)·    Art Club Berlin, Mies van der Rohe Pavillion, Barcelona, ES·    Bicycle Thieves, Beret International Contemporary Art From Copenhagen, Chicago, USA (cat.)·    Pakkhus, Momentum, Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art, Moss, NO (cat.)·    Videorama, Video Screenings, Vienna, A·    Domesticity, Gallery Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin, D·    After the Orgy, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, NL·    Nuit Blanche - My Room, (Video programme DK), Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, F (cat.)·    Jubileum Exhibition, Stalke Gallery, Copenhagen, DK·    Undergrund, Gallery Asbæck, Copenhagen, DK·    The Louisiana Exhibition, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, DK (cat.)·    Art Calls, Telephone Project, Denmark (cat.)·    Do It, Nikolaj. Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, DK (cat.)·    Sitting Up Erect or Reclining, Home Show (cur. M. Goldman), Berlin, D

1997·    Art Club Berlin, Art Forum Berlin, Berlin, D·    What Is A... Do On A Deserted Island?, Middlegrundsfortet, DK·    One Band Stand, concert performance with stand-in, Rockefeller Center, Oslo, NO·    Gallery Stalke, with Recke & Bechmann, Copenhagen, DK (cat.)·    The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, DK (cat.)·    Shift Kunstverein, Berlin, D·    Splendid Isolation, Osmos Gardenshow, Berlin, D·    Double Bind, Gallery Enkehuset, Stockholm, S (cat.)

1996·    Tidsanda III - Nordisk Konst, Malmö Art Museum, Malmö, S·    When Shit Hits The Fan, (text by Tone O. Nielsen) Overgaden. The Danish Ministry of Culture’s Exhibition Hall for Contemporary Art Copenhagen, DK (cat.)·    Vardagslivets Psykopatologi!, Galleri Struts, Oslo, NO·    Electronic Undercurrent - Video in Europe, The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Copenhagen, DK (cat.)·    Compartments, Video programme: Escape attempts, arranged by Globe, Copenhagen, DK (cat.)

1995·    5 Artists, Galleri Struts, Oslo, NO·    Trans.form.identity, Overgaden, Copenhagen, DK·    Time Slice, Media Art School, The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, CPH, DK

BIBLIOGRAPHY·    Monographs / Booklets, Catalogues on solo exhibitions·    onestar press, France (2005)·    Galleria Sonia Rosso, Pordenone, I (2000)·    Secession, Vienna, A (1999)·    IASPIS GALLERIET, Stockholm, Sweden (2001)·    Metagallery, Hove (2006)

CATALOGUES ON GROUP EXHIBITIONS / BOOKS2006·    Janssons Frestelse, Overgaden, Copenhagen

2005·    Edstrandska stiftelsen art award, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö·    VERSION, Coloring Book, edited by Gabriela Vanga, Mircea Cantor, Ciprian Muresan, Version Magazine 0.6, Romania·    Tourist Class, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö·    nd International Video-Art Biennial in Israel, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, p. 50·    Lakka pid-lakka ped, Invisible Landscapes, Bangkok·    Situated Self, Confused, Compassionate and Conflictual, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade·    Funky Lessons, ( cur. by Jörg Heiser), Revolver, Frankfurt am Main

2004·    Jahresbericht 2004, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz·    Live, Palais de tokyo, Paris·    Video Hits, Queensland Art Gallery, South Brisbane, Australia·    Density  ±O, Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de , Paris·    Die kleine Biennale, De Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, NL·    Criss-Cross Video-Film-Documentary Programme, NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland (Booklet)

2003·    densité ±O, (cur. by curated by Caroline Ferreira), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de  Paris, F·    Vorarlberger Kunstverein, (cur. by Judith Reichart and Wolfgang Fetz),  Bregenz, Österreich Thun, CH·    Christoph Merian Verlag and Helmhaus, Zürich, CH·    Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain·    Büro Friedrich, Berlin·    Kleines Helmhaus, Zürich, CH·    CCAC Institute, San Francisco, USA·    Edsvik konst och kultur, Sollentuna, S / Baltic Art Center, Visby, S·    ed. by Landeshauptstadt Kiel / Stadtgalerie, Kiel·    NIFCA and The Nordic House, Reykjavik, IS·    Danish Filminstitute, Filmhuset Copenhagen, DK·    Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Gothenburg, S·    Ursula Blicke Stiftung (ed. by Ursula Frohne and Christian Katti), Kraichtal, D·    Waterfront International Art Exhibition, Helsingør Museum/Denmark and Helsingborgs Museum/Sweden·    NGBK, Berlin, D·    Nikolaj – Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, DK·    NGBK, Berlin, D·    NGBK, Berlin, D·    Nordic Nomads (cur. by Andrea Kroksnes), White Columns, New York·    Beret International Contemporary Art From Copenhagen, Chicago, USA·    Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, F·    Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, D·    Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum, Sorø, DK·    Momentum: Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art, Moss, NO·    Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst, Humlebæk, DK·    Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen, DK·    Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, DK·    Gallery Enkehuset, Stockholm, S·    The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Copenhagen, DK·    The Danish Ministry of Culture’s Exhibition Hall for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK·    Landspeed Records, London, GB·    Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, Berlin, D

SELECTED ARTICLES·    Artforum,   anuary 2006, 9. 237·    Higgie, Jennifer Call for demonstration, Events, Frieze, September 2006·    Frenker, Clarence: Kolla in stans konstigaste kåk, Aftonbladet, Stockholm, April 3·    Steen, Paul: Bäst just nu Konst, Nojesguiden, May·    Annika Ström: Für manche Platten bin ich zu sentimental, Monopol, February, p. 28

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2007. Anikka Ström. THE MISSED CONCERT (images)

2007. Anikka Ström. THE MISSED CONCERT (images)




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2007. Anikka Ström. THE MISSED CONCERT (video)













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