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2007. Jorge Díez. PRESENTATION

 MADRID ABIERTO is an international artistic initiatives programme which is held throughout the month of February in the junction Paseo de la Castellana-Recoletos-Prado since 2004. It is an avenue for approaching the interpretation and comprehension of how the public space is constructed from the sphere of art. Since its first open invitation announcement it has received more than 1.200 proposals. Out of all the projects presented, 29 were exhibited in the previous three editions and 13 will be exhibited this year, selected by different juries comprised by international experts.

Organised by the Cultural Association MADRID ABIERTO, the 2007 edition of the programme is promoted by the Altadis Foundation, the Department of Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the Governing Department for the Arts of the City Council of Madrid, with the collaboration of the Telefónica Foundation, La Casa Encendida of Obra Social Caja Madrid, the Ministry of Culture, ARCO, Radio 3 of RNE, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Canal Metro, Cemusa, Centro Cultural de la Villa of Madrid, Remo, Mediazero and Metro.

For this fourth edition, which will be held from the 1st to the 28th of February, a total of 658 projects were presented; 471 for the general invitation, 61 for the façade of La Casa de América, 28 for the façade of Círculo de Bellas Artes, 74 works for Canal Metro and 24 sonorous initiatives for Radio 3. The breakdown by countries of the projects presented is as follows: Spain (174), Italy (46), USA (46), Mexico (40), Argentina (33), Germany (28), Colombia (28), France (25), Brazil (18), Canada (16), Cuba (16), Ecuador (14), Chile (13), The Netherlands (13), Portugal (12), Ireland (9), Sweden (9), United Kingdom (9), Venezuela (9), Japan (7), Austria (6), Yugoslavia (6), Australia (5), Peru (5), Belgium (4), Costa Rica (4), Finland (4), Norway (4), Poland (4), Turkey (4), China (3), Croatia (3), Slovenia (3), Russia (3), Switzerland (3), Uruguay (3), Bulgaria (2), El Salvador (2), Georgia (2), Guatemala (2), India (2), Iceland (2), Israel (2), New Zealand (2), Czech Republic (2), Cyprus (1), Denmark (1), Estonia (1), The Philippines (1), Greece (1), Hungary (1), Latvia (1), Lithuania (1), The Dominican Republic (1), Serbia (1) and Singapore (1).

The selection committee was comprised by Juan Antonio Álvarez-Reyes (curator of Madrid Abierto 2007), Ramon Parramon (director of Idensitat), Cecilia Andersson (director of Werk) and Guillaume Désanges (co-ordinator of art projects in Les Laboratoires D’Aubervilliers, Ille de France). We declared the project for the façade of Círculo de Bellas Artes unfulfilled and pre-selected thirty projects, from which the curator finally selected Fernando(We were young. Full of life. None of us prepared to die) by the collective Discoteca Flaming Star; proyecto_nexus* by the collective [nexus*] art group; I Lay My Ear To Furious Latin by Ben Frost; Rezos/Prayers by Dora García;Pictures by Mandla Reuter; Guantanamera by Alonso Gil and Francis Gomila and Short Circuit/Cortocircuito by Dirk Vollenbroich. In addition to these seven selected projects, the current edition is complemented by other projects from artists invited by the curator: Dan Perjovschi, Susan Philipsz, Johanna Billing, Leopold Kessler, Oswaldo Maciá and Annika Ström. Through this mixed selection model our intention is to continue to make progress in our objective of broadening each annual proposal of MADRID ABIERTO.

In this year’s edition, for the first time, two specific invitations for audiovisual and sonorous works were announced, which were selected by the curator, myself, Arturo Rodríguez and José Iges. The following 11 works were selected for projecting on Canal Metro: Rothkovisión 3.0 by Daniel Silvo; Mierda de caballos y príncipes by Fernando Baena; Rest by Carolina Jonsson; Every Word is becoming by Alexander Vaindorf; Alpenflug (Alpine Flight) by Juan Carlos Robles; Himno by Cristian Villavicencio; PlasmaLux06-7 by Tanja Vujinovic-Zvonka Simcic; Mis Quince by Alfredo Pérez; Lucía by Pere Ginard and Laura Ginés; Candy by Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi and The Toro’s Revenge by María Cañas. For broadcasting on Radio 3, the following 8 works were selected: Am I walking by Jouni Tauriainen; Bendicho juez de la verdad by Eldad Tsabary; Reiterations (Elizabeth Street) by Sonia Leber and David Chesworth; Postal Densa. Postal Sonora. Madrid-Bogotá by Mauricio Bejarano; Alkaline by Paul Devens; Funkenspiel by David Halsell; Poema Jazz (a Clara Gari) by Luis Eligio Pérez and BihotzBi by Zuriñe Gerenabarrena.

Likewise, following on with the work of the previous editions, E451 continues to develop the graphic image and web page and, for the second year running, together with various debate tables on public art, the selected artists will present their work in La Casa Encendida on the 1st and 2nd of February.

We are continuing the process of creating an initiative of a scale manageable by a small team without a permanent or continuous structure, based on an open invitation announcement geared towards the production of ephemeral or temporary projects for the public space of the city of Madrid.

Jorge Díez







2007. María Cañas (Cv)


EDUCATION·    Fine Arts Degree, Doctorate course on Aesthetics and History of Philosophy at the University of Seville. Currently preparing thesis on experimental audiovisual strategies.

EXHIBITIONS (Selection) 2006    ·    Itinerancias C.A.AC. Guadalajara Fair, Mexico.·    Canal Metro. Madrid Abierto, Madrid ·    Videologías. Montehermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria.·    VAD, International Video and Digital Arts Festival. Girona.·    BAC´06. C.C.C.B. Barcelona.·    Te mando un colega. ADN Gallery, Barcelona. Abisal Space, Bilbao. Seville.·    La Estrategia del Calcetín. Villasís Exhibition Hall. El Monte Cultural Center. Seville. ·    Art Tech Media. Tenerife, A Coruña, Salamanca, Murcia, Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid.·    Portland Underground Film Festival, Oregon.·    Barcelona VisualSound. El Perfecto Cerdo. Jury Prize. ·    Retrospectiva: Visual, Majadahonda, Madrid; FICA, Badajoz.·    La Cosa Nuestra. caS. RTVA-Zemos98 Prize. caS. Monastery of San Clemente.·    E-videncias . Lux´06, International Exhibition Hall Festival of Santa Inés. Seville.·    4 años de la revista MU. RTVA Exhibition Hall. Seville. ·    Almería en Corto, Almeria·    TV JAM, NEFF, Monte Hermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria.  ·    Cortometrajes Andaluces, Local Government of Malaga.·    Arco - Beep Electronic Art.·    Muestra del Audiovisual Andaluz. AVA Foundation. University of Seville.·    Pantallas Españolas. ACE Initiative. Magma. Acireale, Sicily, Italy

2005    ·    Intervenciones TV 6. Rodríguez Foundation. Montehermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria·    Premi UAB de Cinema Assaig, Barcelona.·    Holguín Festival, Cuba·    La Llama, Cíclope Collective, Caracas.·    International FICCAB Short Film Festival, Benalmádena. ·    Vulgaris Arte. Endanza Exhibition Hall. Seville.

2004    ·    El perfecto cerdo: Artistic Creation Support from the Regional Government of Andalusia.   ·    Yesterday was dramatic, today is ok: Muca-Roma.   ·    Pinceladas, Ideas Nemo S.L. for TVE, Canal Internacional.   ·    Sólo un momento. eStar Exhibition Hall. Caja San Fernando. City Council of Seville.·    VTV Audiovisual Festivals of Vitoria, Almeria, Zaragoza and Zemos 98.6.·    Audio123visual. Injuve. Madrid.

2003    ·    Places without engine: Finalist in the Transmediale 03 Image Prize, Berlin.·    Figuraciones, Caja Madrid. ·    Los Carteles: MTV videoclip of Sr. Chinarro. ·    ARCO, Madrid.  ·    Panorama Digital 03, Conde Duque, Madrid.   ·    Video and New Media Biennale, Chile.  ·    Globalica03, X Wro Center For Media Art. Poland.  ·    M-Multimedia/14. Teknemedia. Turin.·    VI International Video/Art/Electronics Festival,  Peru. AECI, Goethe Institute. ·    Visual 03 Majadahonda. Seville Cinema Festival. Expresa, Pamplona. Zemos98.5  VTV, Vitoria. Evantec, Madrid.·    44 Gallery. Barcelona.·    Give me drama. Fernando Serrano Gallery. M.E.I.A.C. ·    Singularmente Plurales. La Rábida Latin American Forum. Local Government of Huelva.

2002    ·    6th International Video/Art/Electronics Festival. Peru. AECI, Goethe Institute.  ·    Video and New Media Biennale, Santiago de Chile.  ·    Driver: Injuve Audiovisual Project Prize, Madrid.   ·    Cyberia, Marcelino Botín Foundation. Santander.   ·    Arte&Electricidad. Maribor International Computer Arts Festival,  Slovenia. Amadís Exhibition Hall. ·    Madrid. E.A.C.C. ,Castellón. ISEA 02, Nagoya. Cyberia, Marcelino Botín Foundation, Santander. Electronikaldia, Vitoria. ·    Audiovisual Creation Festival of Navarra, Cabra,  Visual 02 and Zemos 98.4. ·    Arco. I.F.E.M.A. Madrid.·    La parte chunga. eStar Exhibition Hall. Seville.·    44 Gallery. Barcelona.

2001    ·    Arte&Electricidad, Rodríguez Foundation, Arteleku, San Sebastián. Neo2. La Caixa Media Library  Barcelona.·    Northern Light. Cervantes Institute, Manchester.  ·    Art Futura, C.C.C.B, Barcelona.   ·    Beat. Portobello film festival. London.  ·    Eurovídeo. First Prize. Malaga. ·    Certamen de jóvenes creadores. First Prize. City Council of Madrid.·    Festival Alacant/Vídeo, Visual 01 Majadahonda, Zemos 98.3.·    Arco. I.F.E.M.A. Madrid.·    Injuve audiovisual competition. Madrid. ·    The Richard Channin Foundation Showroom. Seville.·    Solidarios. C.A.A.C. Seville.·    Horizonte 2000. Young Art Center. Caja Madrid. Madrid. Monastery of Santa Inés. Seville.·    Vj´s de Eme-3, 2nd Architectural  Market. F.I.D.A.S. London. Barcelona.·    Itinerary of the Injuve Art Fair-A.E.C.I. through Latin America: Buenos Aires / Córdoba, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile.

2000    ·    Young Art Exhibition, Círculo de  Bellas Artes ·    Injuve Audiovisual Competition (accésit), Amadís Exhibition Hall, Madrid. Itinerary through Latin America A.E.C.I·    Horizonte 2000. Caja Madrid.  ·    Muestra Andaluza de Arte Joven. Prize. IAJ.  ·    Softpause. Multimedia projection and sonorous performance in the presentation of the record label Indoor. La Imperdible. Seville.·    20 años de Arte Contemporáneo. Utrera.·    Arco. I.F.E.M.A. Madrid.·    Fernando Serrano Gallery. Huelva.

1999    ·    Zona Emergente, C.A.A.C., Seville. ·    Algarve-Andalusia Biennale. Faro.  ·    Andalusian Art Biennale. Malaga. ·    Arco. I.F.E.M.A. Madrid.·    Encuentros en la periferia. La Oreja de Plástico en Las 3000 Viviendas, Seville.·    Muestra Andaluza Arte Joven. Andalusian Youth Institute. Malaga. ·    Juana Aizpuru Photography Competition. Seville.·    La Caja China Gallery. Seville.·    99 del 99.Monastery of Santa Inés .Seville.·    Arte Comestible. Local Government of Seville.     ·    Hotel & Art. Seville. ·    Entremundos. La Rábida Latin American Forum. Local Government of Huelva.

1998    ·    Fernando Serrano Gallery. Huelva.    ·    Hotel & Art. Seville. ·    Arte de Mujeres. Andalusian Women’s Institute.·    XIX National Contemporary Art Competition. Utrera.·    X National Photography Competition Caja S. Fernando.·    Cultural Interchange University of Granada- Italia (Bologna)·    Provincial Department of Seville. Regional Government of Andalusia.

1997    ·    Arte Emergente. City Council of Seville.·    Félix Gómez Gallery. Seville.

GRANTS, SUPPORT AND PRIZES2006    ·    Iniciarte. Meat Meet Project in N.Y.·    El Perfecto Cerdo: VisualSound Jury Prize Barcelona.

2005    ·    La Cosa Nuestra: RTVA  Prize for Andalusian Audiovisual Creation, sponsored by Caja San Fernando in the II zemos98 projects edition.    Interventions TV6 Prize. Rodríguez Foundation. C.C. Montehermoso. Vitoria.

2004    ·    El perfecto cerdo: Contemporary Artistic Creation Support,  Regional Government of Andalusia.·    Finalist in the RTVA Prize to Andalusian Audiovisual Creation sponsored by Caja San Fernando in the I zemos98 projects edition.

2003     ·    Finalist with Juan Romero in the Image Prize. Transmediale 03. Berlin. Nominated by ZKM and SWR TV in the International  Media Art Award.

2002    ·    Audiovisual Creation Festival of Navarra. A&E Special mention.

2001    ·    Driver project production support. Injuve. ·    Alacant/Vídeo Festival. 1st prize. Alicante.·    A&E Canal Retina production support. Rodríguez Foundation. Arteleku.·    Eurovideo.1st prize. Unicaja. Malaga. ·    Young Creators Competition. 1st prize. City Council of Madrid.

2000    ·    Injuve Art Exhibition. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Itinerary through Latin America.·    Injuve Audiovisual Competition. Accésit. Amadís Exhibition Hall. Madrid.  ·    Cultural projects support. City Council of Seville and Youth Department of the Regional Government of Castilla & Leon.·    Prize. Andalusian Young Art Exhibition. Andalusian Youth Institute.

1998    ·    Contemporary Art Creation Support. Regional Government of Andalusia.·    Concession of Espai d´art  A. Lambert, City Council of Xábia and the group  “De Reüll ”.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES, COLLABORATION IN ARTISTIC PROJECTS AND PUBLICATIONS (selection)2006    · , web container dedicated to the recycling culture, appropiationism and online artistic experimentation.·    Selected for Hamaca Distributor of Videoart and Media Art, initiative of A.A.V.C, directed by  YProductions.

2005    ·    Articles in Magazine online Forward.·    María Cañas. La vie en rose: Habemus cerdo. MU Magazine, No. 38, September.·    Participation in the Catalogue of Andalusian audiovisual works and in the Andalusian audiovisual guide. F. A. V. A. Seville.·    Copilandia. Cromolandia. Free Collective, Cambalache.

2004    ·    Jury and co-ordination of the 04 Injuve Audiovisual Competition.·    Presentation and publication Un viaje por el cine experimental actual. U. of  Granada.·    La verdad y su doble. Text in catalogue and magazine online Forward  Zemos 98.6. ·    Participation in the documentary series Pinceladas, produced by Ideas Nemo S.L. for TVE. Broadcasted on Canal  Internacional, Hispavisión and Madrid GTM +1.

2003    ·    Los carteles. Participation in the Musical Films DVD. Acuarela Editions. ·    Technical co-ordination of exhibitions for the Cinema and Sports Festival of Seville.

2001    ·    Magazine NEO 2, No. 18, No. 19 and No. 31. ·    Arte&Electricidad. Pack double cd-rom. Rodríguez Foundation. Arteleku.

2000    ·    Participation in La ruta del sentido No. 5. Oviedo. ·    Cuadernos Tecla Sala. Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. ·    Arte y Electricidad. Rodríguez Foundation. Arteleku. San Sebastián.

1999    ·    Newspaper La casa magnética. La Oreja de Plástico.   ·    Collaboration in publications: Ganadería trashumante, Contigo quiero hablar, Prospekt, Fotomatón Internacional, Tensetendoned.

1998    ·    I Luoghi della Vita.  Prato. Italy.·    Field Study, Australia.·    Derivas Virológicas. The Carrying Society. Arteleku. C.A.A.C.

1997    ·    Collective Copy together with Jurgen O. Olbrich. No-Institute. Kassel. ·    West Networking Project. The Netherlands.·    Members of the collective: La Oreja de Plástico. Fanzine and urban interventions. ·    Collaboration in the project Tradición/Traición No. 3 by Pedro G. Romero.

1996    ·    Copiacabana-AIem da Agua. M.E.I.A.C and el Alentejo. Free collectives.

WORK IN MEDIA LIBRARIES, WEBS, DISTRIBUTORS AND COLLECTIONS·    Iniciarte. Regional Government of Andalusia.·    Hamaca Distributor of Videoart and Media Art. A.A.V.C. YProductions. ·    Transmediale Internacional Media Art. Berlin.·    Collection Fernando Serrano Gallery, 44 Gallery, ADN Gallery and Juan Montiel.·    Cervantes Institute. Manchester.    ·    Barcelona VisualSound. BAC. Art Futura.·    Media library of La Caixa. Barcelona.·    Centre de les Arts. Cultura en Viu. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. ··    No-Institute. Kassel.·    MUCA-Roma. Mexico.·    Contemporary Art Museum of Chile.·    MediaLab. Conde Duque. Madrid.·    Wro Center For Media Art. Poland.·    INJUVE. AECI. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Madrid. ·    Rodríguez Foundation. Arteleku. San Sebastián.·    Media Archives Montehermoso Cultural Center. Vitoria.·    AVA Foundation. University of Seville.·    Zemos 98.·    Andalusian Youth Institute. Women’s Institute. Regional Government of Andalusia. ·    Espai d´art  A. Lambert. City Council of Xábia. Alicante. ·    Regional Government of Castilla & León.·    City Council of Dª Mencía, Córdoba.·    Televisions: MTV Spain and the UK. RTVA, Canal Sur Andalucía. Canal Internacional, ·    Hispavisión, TVE and Madrid GTM +1 Pinceladas Ideas Nemo  S.L, Paramount Comedy,·    Acuarela Ediciones,, Canal +, BTV, Tele  Madrid, ·    TV2 La Mandrágora, Tele5 Nosolomúsica, Sol TV.









2007. María Cañas. THE TORO´S REVENGE.




Human death in the shape of a feast; let the horn in and the music begin… Who said that the revenge of the bull could not be fun?

La Cosa NuestraSynopsisLa Cosa Nuestra is a journey to the most hidden and surrealist side of the bovid-taurean universe. Enjoyment and tremendousness, operating in the iconographic cannibalism.

This video-creation shows other interpretations of the national feast; it brings the Spanish taurean culture face to face with the concepts and the meaning of the figure of the bull and other bovids in different civilisations.

ProjectA series of video-creations, sessions of live video, public interventions and proposal of collaborative practices for various cultural collectives (in the process of finding sponsors).

ReviewThis highly interesting compilation of material explores and creates a visual space that emphasises the idea of the bull as cultural axis. Based on a series of pieces, charged with a vitriolic sense of humour, Cañas explores the relationships established between the bull, other bovids and man in different cultural manifestations. Sci-fi surrealism and olé! in a series of video-creations where sources like the festive spirit of The Pogues, the tremendousness of Goya and Gutiérrez Solana, the poetic fatalism of Bataille, the taurean passion of Orson Welles, the erotic perversion of fanatic pop fans constantly cheering butted bullfighters, other freaky uses of the bull in different cultures like inebriated and massaged caribous in Korea or Hawaiian rhythms in the test of bravery of young males… all come together.

With all this, Cañas explores again the different relationships established between animals and humans, seeing how these are complex, strange and, in some cases, beastly.

La  Cosa Nuestra goes beyond the evident; the images that society generates are saturated with symbols, visions, tributes, offering other interpretation registers and new insinuations to the spectator… the strange combination of enjoyment and tremendousness that surrounds us.

This no doubt represents one of Cañas’ best works, which consolidates her in this gender (the scratch-documentary) that she dominates so well.

This work is made up of 5 series, whose narrative structure allows the pieces to be seen separately or as a unit. Intentions and motivationsThis project does not seek to understand or to explain the essence of the taurean passion-tradition, or to start a series of controversies or hen-fight between enthusiasts and professionals of tauromachy, but to re-contextualise the meaning of the national feast: all its perverse eroticism, poetic fatalism and the interests generated around it. La Cosa Nuestra submerges into the aesthetic, ritual, cultural and social universe of the world of bulls, reconstructing it with criticism but, at the same time, with a healthy irony.









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