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Place: La Casa Encendida (Ronda de Valencia No. 2, Madrid)Date: 7th and 8th FebruaryTime: From 17.00 to 21.00 h.

Continuing the practice established in the last editions, this year the debate tables are organised once again in collaboration with La Casa Encendida.  As in previous editions, on the one hand, the debate tables will present the projects produced for Madrid Abierto and, on the other, they will introduce different initiatives developed within the sphere of art in the public space.

The round tables will include the active participation of the commission set up last year to debate the model of Madrid Abierto.  The commission's co-ordinator, Rocío Gracia, and its members, Cecilia Anderson, Guillaume Désanges, Jorge Díez, Ramón Parramon, María Inés Rodríguez and Fito Rodríguez, together with this edition's organisers, the collective DEMOCRACIA.

For the artists’ presentations, the event's organisers have established three groups, although aware that the groups may be pervious and that one same project may meet several of the established premises. On the one hand, we will have the projects that make the contemporary class conflict visible, as well as a temporary suspension of the exclusions generated by this conflict, on another hand, those that employ elements or the propagandistic language of the urban scene, and lastly, those more closely associated with forms of urban culture.

The artistic experience developed in the public space faces the complex task of intervening in a saturated and hyper-aesthetized space with few fissures. The temporary and ephemeral nature of these artistic practices often places obstacles in the way of the dissemination and development possibilities of many interesting proposals that would require more time, with respect to the prior investigation and the subsequent production of the interventions as well as the desirable convergence with other projects and other social and cultural agents. In light of this, the opening of new spaces is needed to encourage other forms of production and dissemination, as well as the creation of networks of information and collaboration between this kind of artistic practices. For this reason, every year Madrid Abierto aims to give exposure to other similar experiences. In this edition, Nelson Brissac and Vit Havranek will be responsible for presenting invited projects, offering their experience in the debate on the strategies applied to the city and the territory from an artistic perspective, with more or less emphasis on experimentation, multi-discipline, the process and interaction with the public.


17:00-18:15 Presentation of Madrid Abierto projects

Hell is coming/World ends today. Andreas Templin

Not for sale/No se vende. Alicia Framis

Welcome On Board. Guillaume Ségur

Gran Sur. Fernando Prats

Chaired by: Cecilia Andersson; Democracia

18:15-19:30 Presentation of Madrid Abierto video projects

Arturo-Fito Rodríguez introduced by Rocío Gracia

20:00-21:00 Vít Havránek, introduced by Guillaume Désanges



17:00-18:15 Presentation Madrid Abierto projects

Speculator + Empty World. Todo por la praxis

Construye tu casa en una azotea. Santiago Cirugeda

Explorando Usera. La Hostia Fine Arts

Videointervenciones móviles en contextos urbanos específicos. Fernando Llanos

Moderan: María Inés Rodríguez y Democracia

18:30-19:30 Presentation Madrid Abierto projects

Estado de excepción. Noaz/Dier

Proposal Nr. 19 + Gift. Anno Dijkstra

No more no less + La hucha de los Incas. Jota Castro

La guerra es nuestra. Immi Lee/Annamarie Ho

Moderan: Ramon Parramon y Democracia

20:00-21:00 Nelsson Brissac, introduced by Jorge Díez



Cecilia Andersson is curator and director of Werk Ltd., a curatorial agency established in Stockholm. Werk collaborates internationally in the organisation, production, promotion and publication of contemporary art.

Her recent projects include SuperSocial, social events set up in different cities; a series of conferences and seminars in collaboration with Francesco Jodice; On Cities, an exhibition organised in Stockholm’s Museum of Architecture and an itinerant programme of Chinese video.

Cecilia is an independent consultant for Disonancias, an interchange platform between artists and companies in San Sebastián and is part of the Madrid Abierto Commission.


Nelson Brissac is a philosopher whose works is related to art and urban-planning issues. Since 1994, he is organiser and curator of Arte/Cidade, an urban interventions project in São Paulo.


Guillaume Desange, is curator, art-critic and co-founder of Work Method, an agency based in Paris dedicated to the production of artistic projects. As member of the Trouble publishing committee, he regularly collaborates with the magazines Exit Express and Exit Book (Madrid). From 2001 to 2007 he co-ordinated the artistic projects of Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. He organised the exhibitions Pick-Up en Public>, Paris 2004, Untouchable, The transparency Ideal in Villa Arson, Nice and the Patio Herreriano Museum, Valladolid, in 2006-2007, Jiri Kovanda Vs rest of the World in the agency gallery gb, Paris; De Appel, Asmterdam; Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, and has worked with Thomas Hirschhorn in the projects The 24h Foucault project and Musée Précaire Albinet. In 2007-2008 he is an invited curator at Centre d'Art Contemporain La Tôlerie. He is a lecturer at Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Clermont-Ferrand and is part of the Madrid Abierto Commission.


Vit Havranek is a theorist and a producer established in Prague. Since 2002 he works as Project Manager for the contemporary art initiative tranzit / sponsored by the Erste Bank Group. He has worked as curator in Prague’s Municipal Gallery and National Gallery. He is a lecturer at the Prague College of Applied Arts. His most recent projects, some of which in collaboration with others, include A CDEFGHIJK MNOP  STUV   Z, part of Societe Anonyme, Le Plateau, Paris, 2007; tranzit – Auditorium, Stage Backstage, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt 2006; I, series of exhibitions in three acts: Secession Vienna; Futura Prague; tranzit workshops Bratislava, 2006. He has written articles for several magazines, such as, among others, Springerin, Artist and Flash Art.


Ramon Parramon, directs and manages projects within the area of contemporary art and creation. Since 1998, he directs the art project IDENSITAT. In addition, he has organised several projects, such as Territorios Ocupados, 2000; Barcelonas, 1999 and Visiones Periféricas, 1994-97. He has given conferences and seminars at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Vigo, the University of Granada, the International University of Seville, the University of Barcelona and the Barcelona Higher College of Architecture. His work evolves with a marked interest towards interdisciplinary projects and the roles that art can play in specific socio-political contexts. He is part of the Madrid Abierto Commission.


María Inés Rodríguez is an exhibitions curator. She has organised exhibitions and research projects on the public space appropriation strategies in different contemporary art spaces which relate art, design, architecture and urban-planning. In 2004, she created Tropical paper editions to develop the editorial projects of artists. In 2007, she developed the projects Habitat/Variations, BAC Geneva, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Bermuda Triangle, Êcole de Beaux Arts de París, and was co-curator of MDE 07 Encuentro de Medellín. She is part of the Madrid Abierto Commission.


Arturo-Fito Rodríguez,member of Fundación Rodríguez, an artistic production collective that organises and co-ordinates projects associated with contemporary culture and new media, such as Tester and Intervenciones TV. He is part of the Madrid Abierto Commission.


Rocío Gracia is an art historian, member of RMS La Asociación, an agency established in 1998 in Madrid dedicated to organising, producing, promoting and disseminating contemporary art projects, and which has recently developed such projects as MadridProcesosRedes and ON SITE TOUR/TALK. The agency will shortly present a preview of Archivo VEO within the project Old News of CGAC and is preparing the exhibition Sur le dandysme for the Centro Huarte de Arte Contemporáneo.


Jorge Díez, director of Madrid Abierto and co-director of the MBA in Cultural Management, Santillana/Salamanca University. In 2007 he has co-curated with José Roca (Colombia) Cart[ajena] public art project promoted by SEACEX, developed within the IV Congress of Spanish at Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. He has lectured in the Spain-Japon Forum at Nagasaki, Actual experience in Public Art at the 16º Arts Symposium at Porto Alegre, Brasil and, Contexts and projects in Public Art. Ephemera models of intervention, at the MARCO. 











Alicia Framis + Michael Lin    Not for sale/No se vende Andreas Templin    Hell is coming/World ends today

Dier + Noaz    Estado de excepción www.noazmadrid.blogspot.comwww,

Anno Dijkstra    Proposal Nr. 19 + Gift

Fernando Llanos    Videointervenciones móviles en contextos urbanos específicos

Guillaume Ségur    Welcome On Board

Fernando Prats    Gran Sur

Jota Castro No more no less + La hucha de los Incas

LaHostiaFineArts (LHFA)    Explorando Usera

Santiago Cirugeda    Construye tu casa en una azotea

Todo por la Praxis    Speculator + Empty World

Santiago Sierra    Bandera negra de la república españ

Annamarie Ho + Inmi Lee    La guerra es nuestra








2008. DISCUSSION PANELS / 07 y 08 feb (images)

2008. DISCUSSION PANELS / 07 y 08 feb (images)



Fito Rodríguez, Rocío Gracia     Rafael Tunes, Diego Peris   María inés Rodríguez, Pablo España, Rafael Burillo    Diez, Noaz

Fito Rodríguez, Rocío Gracia    Fernando Llanos    Annamarie Ho, Inmi Lee    Dier, Noaz


Fernando Baena    Jota Castro    Dier     Anno Dijkstra   

Annamarie Ho    Inmi Lee  










2008. Andreas Templin. HELL IS COMING / WORLD ENDS TODAY (technical data)


The project lasts for one week. 151 people (male & female) from different society backgrounds (all living in the inner city of Madrid) get selected by a casting. They´re contracted to wear the specific cloths for seven days and receive a small compensation fee. The main condition for them to take part in the work is:-    they move around in the City of Madrid (in their daily routine)-    they fit the demanded profiles


-50 joggers/sporty/young/healthy type  red „Paulo Virilio“- sporting dress/ longsleeveT-Shirt

-50 punk/“street level“ „Michel Foucault“- military camouflage jacket with pink „Michel Focault“ -print

-50 hardrocker/tattoo/goth- „Giorgio Agamben“- hooded black sweater

- one doppelganger of Fred Phelps with body sign „Hell is Coming/World Ends Today“ (front/back) and black suit/hat  It is important, that all the characters lead there every day life all in a high visibility. Next to that, the Phelps-doppelganger will be standing around for one week in daytime (six hours daily, in the rush hours) on street corners/public places. The activity of the „Fred Phelps“-doppelganger“ is applied differently than the other elements remaining as a symbolic endpoint to contemporary discourse as a whole (fundamentalism).


The whole activity will be documented in video and photography. Photos are being taken of the selected participants in there daily routine. The whole project will then be published (photographic prints, the cloths and the video on display) on a special website for the project.

In order to make this ephemere piece of visual art more visible to the interested public, the philosopher Dr. Andreas L. Hofbauer offered to accompany the project with a „lecture on the run“. Here is a small text he wrote to accompany this application:

As accompaniment to Andreas Templin’s “Hell is Coming/World Ends Today”. I shall offer video reports, a lecture with discussion panel, as well as escorting, on a case-to-case basis, some of the „mannequins“. The focus of this enterprise is not meant only as a partial documentary of the ongoing events but mainly as a casual mapping of the travels of those badly equipped and uninformed walking warheads/Sprengkörper, which are not at all without aim. With the presentation of fashion-like logos of the names of some important (and also fashionable) thinkers of our days (Virilo, Agamben and Foucault), some fundamental questions of today’s politics present arms: speed, (concentration) camp and power. In confrontation with down to earth fundamentalist statements, this shows nothing less than the weak impact and desperate struggle of some theoretical positions against the takeover of consumer ideology.

If one is most readily able to learn about society by watching its reactions across the spectrum, taking as an example those who would (unknowingly) challenge it by mirroring its own state of the art, one should be ready to accept a not very happy vision. Forms of alienation issuing from the commodity fetishism of modern market relations, i.e. global consumerist capitalism (in disguise of values, brand names, political correctness, religion, success et al.) can only be shown as they come across. This means in no way kritische Aufklärung, but offers resistance by double-crossing bare intellectual second-hand statements and ideological backlash.

Art sets in motion the aspect of Plasticity (or even better workability), instead of representing (or doubling) a commercial and ideologic/politically forced flexibility, which has been the mainstay in all forms of counter-cultural tactics.

Still: We should not forget that plasticity shapes form (form-giving and form-building) but also destroy all form (plastic explosive).

Asked how they’ll destroy dominant culture the Situationists answer: „In two ways: gradually at first, then suddenly“! Let’s start over again – first steps first.


The duration of the project is set for one week. In order to prepare it will be necessary to be there at least two weeks in advance.

I will come to Madrid 14 days in advance before the launch of the project in order to prepare it properly.

Timeline for the realisation of the project: The project needs five weeks to be fully realized

- Week one: preparation of cloths, printing - Week two: Arriving in Madrid, preparation week- Week three: casting- Week four: execution of the project- Week five: postproduction, website-production

The used cloths will be offered in the edition of each 50 via the Internet and through the website of the project. Of each cloth sold, 50 percent of the winst will be returned to Madrid Abierto.







08prtc1823, 08prtc1825

2008. Andreas Templin. HELL IS COMING / WORLD ENDS TODAY (theoretical data)

 "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro“Contemporary saying, source unknown


As decribed in my work statement, the main drive of my artistic production is characterized by an impulsive use of a wide range of styles and gestures. The last public artworks I was able to realize („stormscene“, comissioned by the City Council of Nuremberg/Germany, „Monument for Donatella Versace“ Chicago/Berlin 2005, „crashed satellite“ 2006, several locations), which were dealing with „second hand experience“ as well as „unwished co-branding“ remain as critical and divers interventions of a distinguished art practice, which intends to be „post-productive“. In the work „Hell is Coming/World Ends Today“ I would like to show reference to the situationist movement, its strong impact and continuous flow and, in relation to that, point to some of the common problems any movement seems to be afflicted by: The moment of its pure realisation by an individual´s mind vs. the competitiveness of styles, attitudes and trendiness of specific concepts in society.   

In this case, the philosophical thesises with, in my opinion, the strongest and most direct impact on the individual in the Western societies -    speed and devastation/ Paul Virilio-    „the camp/ the concentration camp“/Agamben-    „power“/ Foucault-    „hatred/fundamentalism“/ represented by Fred Phelps, right-wing preacher

These are the elements of this ephemere intervention to the public.

I would like to transfer these philosophers into „labels“ by asking inhabitants of selected districts of Madrid to wear urban fashion items with label-prints for one week in their daily routine. While  simply following their daily routine, the artwork itself sinks into the urban space, the philosophical concepts compete face-to-face with the other label concepts in the public domain.

The question this work is raising: Are these names already „labelized“ (or people would simply acclaim them as bing labels) or do they transport meaning? Can such an ephemere intervention survive as an artwork in the eyes of the public?










2008. Andreas Templin. HELL IS COMING / WORLD ENDS TODAY (location)

Different spots of the city. From the 7th to 14th of February. 











2008. Andreas Templin (Cv)


WORK STATEMENTMy work is often built around mainstream idioms- formally, visually and contextually. It is acting from a post-productive atmosphere of art-production and attempts on impulsive use of wide ranging styles and gestures. Taking a creative-direction approach which implements all media and ways of expression (by principle) and is rather guided by a critical idea-based process with a rhetorical ending embedded in the finished artwork/ exhibition seems to me very interesting. It is, from a formal point of view in some tradition with conceptual art, but is also nurtured from “the idea of the perfect surface” as well as irony and humor becoming weapons in the artistic process. I am trying in my work to grasp into the domains of schizoidity, doubleness and irrationality, the shuffles and interplays these domains are able to stage, accompanied by a doubtfulness about methods and approaches that attempt to be very canonical by means of formal or contextual issues. In traditional means, the rhetorical issues have come to a dissociative end as we all know and experience. That, for instance there is always the possibility to swap sides by means of interpreting and re-interpreting facts in a discourse is a strange development. This is of course influencing the discourse happening in the visual arts as well. As I do not see the necessity for a work of art to take sides I “treat the content democrati-cally: there is a matter of interpretation, but the implemented domains are not being directed to a certain outcome - to reformulate issues from and out of an artistic viewpoint in the sense of a democratic blueprint is my foremost intention.

EDUCATION1997-99  ·    Study of Visual Art, Department of Free Direction, Gerrit Rietveld Academy  Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2006-8 ·    Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

EXHIBITIONS (selection)2008·    Evolution de l‘Art, groupshow, on immaterial art. Het Blauwe Huis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands·    Olympic OneMinutes, Today Art Museum, Bejijn, China·    Viewing CLub Nice, compiled by Andreas Templin, organized in cooperation with Heike Kelter and Axel Huber·    A couple of texts and critical wrinting (details on request)

2007·    Don't cry- Work!, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Curated by Padraic Moore ·    One & the other painting, W129/basement, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Curated by Tim Chen Chuanxi·    De Ontdekking van de Traagheid, KW 14‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands·    Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam, The Netherlands·    EGOART-prize, BASTART gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia·    Synch-Festival Athens, Greece www.synch.rg    ·    Mobile Institute, Brussels, Belgium·    Dertien Hectare Weiland, Heeswijk, The Netherlands for details new text of Andreas Templin titled “Embedded Art” will be published with TEXT-REVUE, Berlin, Germany·    Group exhibition at Chinese- European artcenter Xiamen, China·    Preview Berlin, represented by Curators without borders Berlin, Germany·    “C.A.R.L. Center for the Advancement of Recreation and Leisure“, Eric van Robertson‘s soloshow,  W139 Amsterdam, guest-artist: Andreas Templin

2006 ·    VC “Viewing Club”, London, GB·    Schwarzwaldinstitut, an interdisciplinary project night curated by Martin G. Schmid, Ballhaus Ost theatre, Berlin, Germany·    Andreas Templin plays Bach presented by maksverlag/München, evenings held in Stuttgart and Tübingen·    Luminale 06, Frankfurt, Main Germany, in cooperation with LIC Hamburg and Heinrich Fiedeler Wiesbaden·    Andreas Templin, selected videoworks, 00130gallery, Helsinki Video Library, Helsinki, Finland·    PixelDance Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece·    crashed satellite,  winner of Concours Belluard Bollwerk International, ·    Fribourg CH, with the kind support of the Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art and Canton Fribourg·    Viewing Club 6 Berlin, Lovelite, Berlin, Germany·    Festival Summertime, Lyon, France·    PARKGEWUSEL, Machfeld, International Arts and Culture Society, Venna, Austria·    European Biennale of Contemporary Art, Nimes, France,·    Fair play video-price. Play gallery for still and motion pictures, Berlin, Germany·    Crashed satellite, Kunsthalle Interazioni, Locarno, CH, on the occasion of the International Film Festival·    Impakt Festival Utrecht, Centraal Museum Utrecht, NL·    solo-presentation on the occasion of Artforum, Berlin, Germany·    VC 8, in cooperation with Kunstverein Bonn, Germany, details·    Andreas Templin wins international competition for the realisation of a land-art piece combined with a residency at Paradise International Art Center Iran, In cooperation with Museum of Contemporary Art Teheran (on hold)·    Dogville, Helsinki City Town Hall Gallery, Helsinki, Fi. Curated by 00130 gallery·    Fringe Shanghai·    Andreas Templin in residence at Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, Berlin, Germany·    TheOneMinutes Festival, Ketelhuis Amsterdam, The Netherlands·    “Viewing Club 9”, Secession Wichtelgasse, Vienna, Austria·    Benfit-auction for Ballhaus-Ost, Kunsthaus Lempertz Berlin, preview exhibition ·    at Lempertz Berlin,

2005·    Jianghu Mobile Video, Kumming, Yunnan Province, China ·    Monument for Donatella Versace and the 20th Century on visit in the 21st on show at ·    Version >05 "Invincible Desire" and in conjunction with "Art in the Park/Art Chicago", Chicago, USA·    Screening of videoworks, Artists Television Access, San Fransisco, USA·    Stormscene, an installative work for the public space comissioned by the City Council of Nuremberg, Germany·    ASSO Summertime, Lyon, France·    Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France ·    Bayennale, Bay Area International  Exhibition, San Fransisco, USA·    MAGISTRALE, Berlin, Germany·    Safia Dickersbach (pr-director presents Andreas Templins Monument for Donatella Versace, Berlin, Germany·    FIELD OF VISION: EXTREMES, Institute for New Media, Frankfurt, Main, Germany·    Artists at Viewing Club, an international groupshow with emerging and established ·    artists, London, GB·    RE-ESCAPE, an international groupshow with emerging and established ·    artists, Hamburg, Germany

2004·    Peace team, Atelier asphyxia/ juliettes literatursalon Berlin (single)

2003·    Junge Kunst, Kunstverein Trier (group/website)

2002·    Rush, Wiensowski&Harbord, Berlin (single)·    A Haunted House of Art, Outline-Institute Amsterdam, on invitation of Gabriel Lester (group/ website)·    Junge Kunst 2002, Wilhelm-Hack Museum Ludwigshafen (group/catalogue)·    Kunstraum Günter Braunsberg, Fürth, curated by Günter Braunsberg, Neues Museum Nürnberg (single/ website)

2001·    Prix Nouvelles Images, Galerie Nouvelle Images, Den Haag, (group, on invitation of Jonas Ohlson)·    Reich und berühmt -festival, Podewil Berlin, former Staatsbank of GDR (group/catalogue)·    Visions on the day of German Reunion, participation in competition·    Landesverband Berliner Galerien e.V/ Partner für Berlin (group/ auction Ketterer)

2000·    Exhibition-project M.A.I.S. ( Cologne (group/website)

1999·    Swimming tapes, videoart- broadcast PARK4DTV ( Amsterdam, Ber-lin, Rotterdam

1998·    Gruesse aus dem Fernsehland, gallery berlintokyo Berlin (single)

GRANTS, PRICES AND RESIDENTS2007 ·    Winner EGOART-prize 2006, Bratislava/SLO

2006 ·    Winner Concours Belluard Bollwerk International, Fribourg, CH·    Winner international competition for the realisation of a land-art piece combined with a residency at Paradise International Art Center Iran, In cooperation with Museum of Contemporary Art Teheran ·    Residency at Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, Berlin, Germany

2005·    Travel-grant, Version Festival Chicago/USA, Senate of the City Berlin

ACTIVITIES/ PUBLICATIONS/ RECENSIONS2007 ·    Guest-docent at Post-St.Joost Academie, s‘Hertogensbosch·    Exhibition catalogue “Don‘t Cry- Work!“ with an essay by Padraic Moore yearbook Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, with a text by Andreas Templin·    Catalogue synch festival Athens, with a text by Alexandra Landre·    Docent for OneMinutes Foundation at European Youth Meeting Berlin·    “Andreas Templin wins EGOART-prize“, Slovak Spectator, June

2006·    Docent for UNICEF, workshop in Ruhr-area of Germany·    Berlin Art Info, magazine for contemporaray art Berlin November, “Heißer Herbst“ by Christian Anslinger·    “crashed satellite“, La Liberté, CH, Freiburger Nachrichten, “Der Bund“, June·    “If you die in your dreams your life will be free of worries“, Adnoten zu Arbeiten Andreas Templins, published on the occasion of Kunsthalle Interazioni Locarno·    European Biennale of Contemporary Art (catalogue+ CD-ROM)

2005·    “second – hand experience”, Dr. Andreas L. Hofbauer, complementary publication to stormscene, Cultural Council of the City of Nuremberg·    “Monument for Donatella Versace”, Chicago Reader, Chicago USA, Lumpen, Chicago·    “stormscene”, Nürnberger Nachrichten, May;  Bild, May; Woman, July; Sergej, May; Plärrer, May

2004·    “Endless downloads into the wooden lab“ Andrew Cannon, curator Mr Cannon Pro-jekts Berlin

2003·    Andreas Templins digitales Werk, Dr. Paolo Sanvito, art-historian and curator Rome; Berlin, Virtual Library·    Featured artworks, magazine ph, issue 2, Russian National Center of Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

2002·    “Tagestipp”, cultural pages, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, February ·    Rheinpfalz; Saarbrücker Zeitung; Leo; September·    Brigitte Werneburg for die Tageszeitung, Berlin, February ·    Günter Braunsberg, art-historian MA, Neues Museum Nürnberg ·    Catalogue Junge Kunst 2002, Wilhelm-Hack Museum Ludwigshafen

1999-2000·    Lectures on contemporary culture, free docent, Filosofisch Fakultaeit in collaboration with Robin Brouwer, University of Amsterdam

1998-99·    Development and realisation of contemporary art- and exhibition project  bUG·    ( in cooperation with Sonja Beijering und Sebastiaan Duong

1998·    Development and realisation of nomadic dialogues (serie of interdisciplinary dialogues on contemporary culture) in cooperation with HTV de Yjsberg, University of Amsterdam and S. Beijering, Amsterdam









2008. Anno Dijstra. DISLOCATIONS

2008. Anno Dijstra. DISLOCATIONS

 Trinity Site, the American monument for the first ever atomic bomb tests has been carefully rebuilt in plaster and placed in a suburb of Ghent. A starving child from Ethiopia is cast in bronze and shows up in down town Madrid. Tourists like to have their picture taken in front of the touching sculpture with a compassionate look in their eyes. A polyester copy of the Vietnamese girl Kim Phuk stands for a while in a suburb of Hoorn before moving on to various locations throughout Gdansk. Another scale model of an atomic explosion cast in bronze is placed on a green in front of a block of 70’s flats in Haarlem.

The reactions by people living in the area and coincidental passers by to the dislocations are strikingly diverse. Some take pity on the naked Vietnamese girl by dressing her in cloths for the cold winter nights. Others just wonder; where have I seen this before? Some people are incensed by the sculpture, in others it summons up anger, why now? Why here? What gives the artist the right to confront me with this on my own doorstep? Exactly the same images that are haphazardly thrust into our living rooms (the personal domain) through the television set seem to be experienced as less invasive.


PROPOSAL Nr 17, 2007Site specific160x110x60cm _ polyester/cement



VOORSTEL 22, 2009Locatie projectSite Specific 130 x 80 cm _brons


RECONSTRUCTION – PROPOSAL NR 7, 2005Trinity site, Where the worlds first nuclear divice was exploded on july 16 1945 380 x 90 x 90 _ plaster and woodThe work was made on the location, the citzens could see me work









2008. Andreas Templin. HELL IS COMING / WORLD ENDS TODAY (published text)

Hell Is Coming / World Ends Today, a situationist play for the inner city of Madrid, is a temporary intervention staged in Madrid. It has a duration of one week and will include a total of 151 participants.

In the work Hell is Coming/World Ends Today, Andreas Templin is showing reference to the Situationist movement, its strong impact and continuous flow and, in relation to that, points at some of the common problems that movements seem to be afflicted by: The moment of its pure realisation by an individuals mind vs. the competitiveness of styles, attitudes and trends of specific concepts in society.

In this artwork, a few of the key philosophical thesis which sum up, from Templin‘s viewpoint, the strongest and most direct impact on the individual in contemporary Western societies culminate in an ephemeral play.

This happens by transferring these philosophers‘ names into daily life by asking 150 inhabitants of Madrid to wear urban fashion items with label-prints for one week in their daily routine. While simply following their daily routine, the artwork itself sinks into the urban space, the philosophical concepts compete face-to-face with the other label concepts and brandings in the public domain.

These concepts and their visual appearance are:

- speed and devastation. Paul Virilio

- the camp / the concentration camp. Giorgio Agamben

- power / Michel Foucault

- hatred / fundamentalism / represented by an re-enactment of fanatic right-wing demonstrations. This will be staged by a doppelganger of a preacher standing around at various street-corners of Madrid

The question this work is raising: Are these names already „labels“ (or do people simply acclaim them as big labels) or do they transport meaning? Can such an ephemeral intervention survive as an artwork in the eyes of the public?“. Andreas Templin

There will be a live-published website available with special contributions by Dr. Andreas L. Hofbauer and Dennis De La Haye.










2008 / 2008.03.30. EL PAÍS SEMANAL. Karl Marx está en venta (Andreas Templin)

2008 / 2008.03.30. EL PAÍS SEMANAL. Karl Marx está en venta (Andreas Templin)













2008. Andreas Templin. WIN-WIN-SITUATION, 2004-05

2008. Andreas Templin. WIN-WIN-SITUATION, 2004-05

Model for sculptural work, app 75x120x75xcm (dog Kennel), wood, c-prints

This sculptural work of 2004-05 based on a standard dog kennel for mid-sized is meant to be contribution to the postproductive movement in cotemporary art. Many solutions in visual art tend to be resolved in standadrized and common principle of representation, while the ending-point of this principle can already be found in the work approach of Andy Warhol. The suggestion of this absurd merchandise tries to pinpoint on this specific problem of visual art production becoming a post-productive gesture of itself.












2008. Andreas Templin. MONUMENT FOR DONATELLA VERSACE, 2005

2008. Andreas Templin. MONUMENT FOR DONATELLA VERSACE, 2005



Installation view at Art Chicago / Art in the Park, Chicago 2005Installetive mixed media work with performative elements



"Monument for Donatella Versace" is an artwork whitch interplays performative and installative aspects. It is built as an aesthetical "co-branding" adopting Versace-like elements with the intencion of commenting the idioms of pre-manufactured lifestyle-conceps on the example of Donatella Versace. It follows the intention of an "unwished co-branding"- to bring the luxurious lifestyle promoted by the brand Versace to the street-level.

Next to the monument, which is preferably installed in periphere urban surroundings, free champagne in the coolers and kitschy R&B music from a ghettoblaster and a few (casted) fancy Versace-like dressed girls are being used to indulge the visitors into a sort of exclusive club-like atmosphere vernissage/opening blurring the boundaries of branding and visual art equally.

The announcement/invitation for the event/opening is printed on promotional gifts like lighters and matches appearing in the same style than the monument.
















2008. Andreas Templin. CRASHED SATELLITE, 2006

2008. Andreas Templin.  CRASHED SATELLITE, 2006


Presentation in the inner city of Fribourg/CH19.06.2006Winner of Concours Belluard Bollwerk Int.












2008. Andreas Templin. HELL IS COMING / WORLD ENDS TODAY (2007.11 / visual data)

2008. Andreas Templin. HELL IS COMING / WORLD ENDS TODAY (2007.11 / visual data)


Hatred/fundamentalism/represented by an re-enactment of fanatic right-wing demonstrations.This is staged by a doppelganger.

The camp / the concentration camp. Giorgio Agamben.     Power. Michel Foucault.    Speed and devastation. Paul Virilio.


(November 2007)












08inib1934, 08intb1935

2008. Andreas Templin. HELL IS COMING / WORLD ENDS TODAY (fielwork)


 Se buscan personas para colaborar en proyecto artístico de Madrid Abierto 2008

El artista Andreas Templin busca para su proyecto titulado “Hell is coming/World ends today” seleccionado en Madrid Abierto (; del 7 de febrero al 2 de marzo) gente que quiera participar en la ejecución del mismo a través de dos vías.

-    Por un lado, busca ciudadanos residentes o que estén trabajando en la ciudad de Madrid que ejercería como modelos por una semana, vistiendo prendas de ropa de moda con los nombres de filósofos contemporáneos. Se busca gente a la que le guste el skate, metal, punk, visual kei, goth, Hip Hop o R’n’B. Gente que esté simplemente interesada en la cultura juvenil o involucrada en intervenciones de arte a nivel internacional, será también bienvenida.

-    Por otro lado, busca un actor con disponibilidad para los días 7 al 14 de febrero. Esta persona iría vestida con traje de vestir oscuro y sombrero e iría portando dos carteles por el centro de Madrid durante 4 ó 5 horas al día. Su localización transcurriría en ciertas plazas y calles céntricas de la ciudad, sin hablar con nadie y con cierta actitud de “visionario”

Para conocer honorarios que se retribuirán a los participantes y ampliar información del proyecto, por favor, contacte con Andreas Templin en This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The visual artist Andreas Templin is currently preparing a project for Madrid Abierto, a yearly exhibition in City of Madrid for art in public space. He is doing live-artwork which involves 150 citizens of Madrid. Next to this he is looking for an actor who could play a role in the streets of Madrid.

The actor would walk around in "Sunday-cloths" (black aor dark suit) and a Stetson hat with  two signs through the Inner City of Madrid, always stay at a certain plaza or streetcorner for a while and than walk on to the next spot. He would not talk to anybody and just have a sort of visionary, energetic look. He should be around in the hours when most people are in the street. This would happen 7th till including 14th of February. He is payed  XXX- Euros including tax. If he could do this 4 to 5 hours a day would be perfect. It would pay him around XXX.- Euros an hour including tax. Please forward to people interested in this and have a look at the attached description.

Si quiere saber más del proyecto o inscribirse, por favor, contacte con Andreas Templin en This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.