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2008. Edith Alonso. PEOPLE WHO COME HERE


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 This piece is based on the situation of immigrants: how they feel when they arrive in a new country, their positive and/or negative experiences, their concerns, etc. There are references to emblematic places in Madrid where people of different nationalities coexist. The sound envelops different voices that appear and disappear, creating an atmosphere that reflects the rarefied atmosphere of cities, very often, mysterious and incomprehensible.















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2008. Edith Alonso (Cv)

MADRID, 1974 LIVES AND WORKS BETWEEN MADRID, NICEWWW.CAMPO-DE-INTERFERENCIAS.ORGWORK EXPOSED IN MADRID ABIERTO: LA GENTE QUE VIENENative of Madrid, this composer managed to combine her advanced piano studies with a B.A. degree in philosophy from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She studied composition in several Parisian institutions (GRM, IRCAM, ENMD D’Evry) and with different teachers: Jose Manuel López López, Philippe Leroux, Nicolas Vèrin and François Bayle.

She is currently working on her doctorate thesis on Aesthetics of Electroacoustic Music at the Université Paris VIII and Madrid’s Universidad Complutense. She has been awarded grants by the French Ministry of Research and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Her activity field includes composition of electroacoustic, mixed, instrumental and short film pieces.  At the same time, she practices improvisation, creates sonorous installations and modifies electronic toys. Her music has been disseminated at various international festivals: Synthèse (Bourges), SMC (Lefkada), JIEM (Madrid), Foliephonies (Marseille), Punto de Encuentro (Valencia, Tenerife) and radio stations (RNE, Radio Libertaire, Czech Republic Radio).

Founding member of Campo de Interferencias, association dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of electro-acoustic and contemporary music.
















2008 / 2008.02.11. RN3. La Ciudad Invisible (Edith Alonso)

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La Ciudad Invisible, RN3. LA GENTE QUE VIENE - Edith Alonso
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