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2008. Patrick Courtney (Cv)

NORTH FERRIBY, EAST YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, 1969LIVES AND WORKS IN LONDONWORK EXPOSED IN MADRID ABIERTO: HAIR+SPIT V1.0Patrick Courtney is currently based in Hackney, London, after recently returning to the UK after several years living in Lisbon, Portugal. He has since worked on various freelance projects including; The Big Chill House in Kings Cross, London, for Department of Design, a commission for a permanent LED work, ’60 Murders’ for the boardroom of Lisbon law firm Sternberg, Galamba & Portugal, installed in September 2006 and the exhibition of his sound piece, ‘The Choking Pot’, at Sociedade Guilherme Cossoul, Lisbon, in October-November 2006. In July 2007 he first presented ‘hair+spit.v1.0’ at the Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria in the exhibition 4’33” after John Cage.

In Lisbon, Courtney was a lecturer and tutor in video at ETIC (Escola Técnica de Imagem e Communicação) 2003-06 developing Laboratorio experimental. He was commissioned in 2003 to create an interactive video & sound piece at the Igreja Santa Luzia, Lisbon, ‘Holy Trinitron (Voice of God)’, which after some controversy with the church authorities was subsequently cancelled in June 2004.

Previously Artist Project Coordinator for Vivid (Birmingham Centre for Media Art) in Birmingham, UK, 2000-02, developing the ‘hothaus’ media lab project for emerging artists, including co-curating Metapod 01 where he commissioned and presented Herwig Weiser’s electro-magnetic piece, zGodlocator, at IKON Gallery in 2001. He also taught Technology in Art & Design at UCE, Birmingham as an Invited Lecturer 2001-02.

From 1996 until 2000 Courtney was the Touring & Production Manager at Hull Time Based Arts, Kingston upon Hull, UK, and also between 1997-2000 was assistant & producer for Perry Hoberman, the New York based media artist, producing & presenting several of his works at European events such as DEAF, V2 Rotterdam, Mucsarnok, Budapest and Techni, Spazio Oberdan, Milan. These included Faraday’s Garden and System Maintenance, which won the interactive award at Ars Elecronica in 1999.

Courtney has also exhibited his own work, which usually although not exclusively focuses on his personal life; family, friends & lovers, including Galleria Ze de Bois, Lisbon – 2000 – Aston Villa (film); Stuttgart filmwinter, Stuttgart – 2002 – My Grandad; Perugia video festival, Perugia – 2002 – My Grandad. He has worked and collaborated with many artists and producers over the years including, Darryl Georgiou, Brian Duffy/Modified Toy Orchestra, Mike Stubbs, Sadie Plant, Evelyn Wilson, Harry Palmer…

He has recently being working for Birmingham Rep Theatre, Birmingham producing sets for several productions and developing the next phase of the hair+spit project: hair+spit (HOME HOM HOM HOW DO U LIKIT) with the curator Helen Sloan.
















2008. Patrick Courtney (Cv)

NORTH FERRIBY, EAST YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, 1969VIVE Y TRABAJA EN LONDONHAIR+SPIT V1.0OBRA EN MADRID ABIERTO: HAIR+SPIT V1.0Patrick Courtney reside actualmente en Hackney, Londres, después de haber regresado recientemente al Reino Unido tras varios años viviendo en Lisboa, Portugal. Desde entonces ha trabajado en varios proyectos por cuenta propia, incluyendo The Big Chill House en Kings Cross, Londres, para el Department of Design, un encargo para un trabajo LED permanente, ’60 Murders’ para la sala de juntas del gabinete jurídico ,Sternberg, Galamba & Portugal, instalado en Septiembre 2006 y la exposición de su obra de sonido, ‘The Choking Pot’, en la Sociedade Guilherme Cossoul, Lisboa, en Octubre-Noviembre de 2006. En Julio de 2007 presentó por primera vez ‘hair+spit.v1.0’ en el Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria en la exposición 4’33” después de John Cage.

En Lisboa, Courtney fue profesor y tutor de video en ETIC (Escola Técnica de Imagem e Communicação) 2003-06 creando el Laboratorio experimental. En 2003 recibió el encargo de crear una obra interactiva de sonido y video en Igreja Santa Luzia, Lisboa, ‘Holy Trinitron (Voice of God)’, que después de cierta controversia con las autoridades eclesiásticas fue posteriormente cancelada en Junio de 2004.

Previamente, fue Coordinador de Proyecto de Artista para Vivid (Birmingham Centre for Media Art) en Birmingham, UK, 2000-02, elaborando el ‘hothaus’, proyecto de laboratorio de medios para artistas emergentes, incluyendo su colaboración en Metapod 01 donde dirigió y presentó la obra electromagnética de Herwig Weiser, zGodlocator, en la IKON Gallery en 2001. También enseñó Tecnología en el Arte y el Diseño en UCE, Birmingham como profesor invitado en 2001-02.

Desde 1996 hasta el 2000, Courtney fue el Director de Gira y Producción en Hull Time Based Arts, Kingston upon Hull, UK, y también entre 1997-2000 fue asistente y productor de Perry Hoberman, el artista de medios afincado en Nueva York, produciendo y presentando algunos de sus trabajos en eventos europeos como DEAF, V2 Rotterdam, Mucsarnok, Budapest y Techni, Spazio Oberdan, Milán. Éstos incluyen Faraday’s Garden y System Maintenance, los cuales ganaron el premio interactivo en el Ars Elecronica en 1999.

Courtney también ha expuesto su propio trabajo, que normalmente aunque no de forma exclusiva, se enfoca en su vida personal: familia, amigos y amantes, incluyendo la Galleria Ze de Bois, Lisboa – 2000 – Aston Villa (film); Stuttgart filmwinter, Stuttgart – 2002 – My Grandad; festival de video de Perugia, Perugia – 2002 – My Grandad. Ha trabajado y colaborado con muchos artistas y productores durante muchos años, incluyendo a Darryl Georgiou, Brian Duffy/Modified Toy Orchestra, Mike Stubbs, Sadie Plant, Evelyn Wilson, Harry Palmer…

Recientemente ha trabajado para el Birmingham Rep Theatre, Birmingham, creando decorados para varias producciones y desarrollando la siguiente fase del proyecto hair+spit (HOME HOM HOM HOW DO U LIKIT) con la directora Helen Sloan.

















2008 / 2008.02.15. RN3. La Ciudad Invisible (Patrick Courtney)

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La Ciudad Invisible, RN3. LANGUAGE - Josh Goldman
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2008. Patrick Courtney. HAIR + SPIT V1.0.

FORMAT: LOOP/ CD I YEAR: 2005-2007


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Patrick Courtney. HAIR SPIT V1.0
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 ‘"The end result of complete cellular representation is cancer"William S. Burroughs Naked Lunch 134

hair+spit v1.0 is a war broadcast. It is first piece taken from over 17 hours of actual sound recordings of chemotherapy treatment. The sound of the drugs, blood transfusions, hydration treatments and food supplements entering the body.

In the summer of 2005, I sat beside my son, Piers, in Ward 10. He had cancer. These are moments of complete helplessness; you are not part of the rest of the world. You feel lonely in the realisation he is lonely; you are always alone in great pain wherever that pain originates and for nearly two months he hardly spoke or smiled. He has now fully recovered.

Chemotherapy is a form of warfare; a well planned and sustained war of attrition against any abnormal and uncontrolled cell division causing cancerous tumours. Like any successful battle plan it requires meticulous planning, execution and of course, luck. Like any war, there are many casualties suffered other than intended targets. Collateral damage within the body is widespread. Severely reduced is the hair and saliva production within the body due to the destruction of those dividing cells; it decimates the immune system.

In a small totally blacked out space, an immersive sonic environment, I want to put the audience somewhere in the position I was; in a children’s oncology ward in the dead of night with the faint sound of the infusion pump which had the unsettling psychological effect of slowly increasing in volume until it was all I could hear. This is, in media terms, within the realm of a war broadcast, a ‘scaling up’ as opposed to obvious ‘scaling down’ effect we normally experience.

hair+spit v1.0 is both a real document and an artistic corporeal investigation through a lonely virulent sound of mutation and war.