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2008. Pedro Torres (Cv)


GRANTS2008 ·    Artists-in-residence. Culturia, Berlin, Germany2007 ·    Plastic arts grant for artistic production. Marcelino Botín Foundation, Santander, Spain2006 ·    Education grant for Specialisation Course on Preserving the Artistic Heritage and Use of New Technologies. Media Centre d’Art i Disseny (MECAD), Barcelona, Spain2005 ·    Education grant to participate in QUAM (Quinzena de Arte de Montesquiu), Vic, Barcelona, Spain

INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS2007·    Yellow for waiting. Noó. Barcelona, Spain·    Still missing. Noó, Barcelona, Spain

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS2007·    FIAV.07_Artistic Video Images Festival. Mihaud, France·    Optica: International VideoArt Festival of Gijón, Spain·    1st Índice VideoArt  Exhibition. Recife, Brazil·    SIART International Biennale. La Paz, Bolivia·    International VideoArt Festival 2007. Zona 9. Chile·    Os. Noó, Barcelona·    DIBA_Digital Barcelona Film Festival. Diba Express, Barcelona·    Festival Loop_Videoart. Barcelona

2006·    Sonorous intervention in installation Atelier 397. Sao Paulo, Brazil·    5th Sonorous and Visual Exhibition. Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona, Spain·    La ilusión del pirata. Miquel Casablancas Prize. C.C. Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain

2005·    Centre Cívic Barceloneta, work installed on the roof (site-especific), Barcelona, Spain·    BAC VI! CCCB. International Contemporary Art Festival, Barcelona, Spain·    El temps: de la imatge a la paraula. Centre Cívic Can Baste, Barcelona, Spain·    El que sembla: la vista i la intuició. Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain·    Stripart. 10th Del Guinardó Young Art Exhibition. C.Cívic del Guinardó, Barcelona, Spain

2004·    I Salão Aberto – parallel to the 26th Sao Paulo International Biennale, Brazil

2003·    6th Photography Exhibition: Amantes da Fotografia. FAU-USP. Sao Paulo, Brazil·    1st. Salão de Arte de Itapecerica da Serra. Sao Paulo, Brazil

PUBLICATIONS·    Magazine ROJO. Publications Rita y Elen . Photographs of Barcelona, March/September, 2004·    Catalogue. BAC!05 La Violencia. La Santa, Barcelona, 2005


















2008. Pedro Torres. RETHE

YEAR: 2007


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Pedro Torres

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Those who fail to re-read are obliged to read the same story everywhere. Roland Barthes, S/Z.

Rethe is a sonorous piece based on re-reading (in English and Portuguese) different poems by Vito Acconci giving shape to an interlacing of sounds. The base of the structure of the work is the poem RE: a poem that causes the spacialisation of the words on the page as well as the location of different verbal positions. Between the parentheses of this poem, inserted in the spaces, sections of other poems come into play in the composition, changing the intensity and deconstruction of the original linearity of the poems in the position of the audio output. These sections have been removed from the poems Contented, Four pages, Twelve minutes and two untitled others. The name rethe already reveals the game of the work: rethe can be read as read and it is also the inversion of the re. Rethe is a litany that envelops the listener and, without being able to clearly distinguish all the words and numbers, moments of overlap are created through which the sonorous space becomes quite dense.
















2008 / 2008.02.06. RN3. La Ciudad Invisible (Pedro Torres)

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La Ciudad Invisible, RN3. RETHE - Pedro Torres
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