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2009-2010. Annemarie Steinvoort (Cv)


EDUCATION 2004·    School for Audio Engineering Amsterdam, Electronic Music Production.

2001·    Centre for the Arts Utrecht, Logic Audio.

1999·    Centre for the Arts Utrecht, Multimedia Production 1998 Centre for Electronic Music Amsterdam, ProTools Audio.

1987·    Art Academy Utrecht, Graphic Design and Photography.

BIBLIOGRAPHY ·    Vis Elaine, Steinvoort Annemarie, Sound Art- art works from the essence , 9/2008, Utrecht Cat. Exp. ‘Matchmaking at Suzhou Creek' Easlink Gallery, 10/2004

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2009·    File/Hipersonica, sound installation, Sao Paulo. ·    SoundLAB 6, sound installation, Köln.

2008·    Slem Opdrift, poetry, Terschelling. Gallery Artonova, sound installation, Brugge. ·    Concerthall, sound installation, Gent, Belgique.

2007·    Living Concert, vocal improvisation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Levka Ori Artist Encounter, literature, Paleochora, Grecia. ·    Soundwaves Festival, sound installation, Brighton.

2006·    Museum of Modern Art, sound installation, Arles, France. ·    Babel, sound installation, Utrecht, Nederland.

2005·    Phonurgia Nova 2005, sound installation, Arles, France. ·    ICMC 2005, sound installation, Barcelona. ·    Avecom Festival, sound installation, Arnhem, Nederland. ·    Artist's Biennale, sound installation, Hong Kong.

2004·    Eastlink Gallery, sound installations, Shanghai. ·    Painting and Sound, sound installation, Appingedam, Nederland.

2003·    Dutch Music Days, sound installations, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Image and Sound, sound installation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Labyrinth of Possibilities, art experience project, Utrecht, Nederland.

2002·    Sense it!, audiofilm project, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Boulevard ‘d Unica, interactive installation, Utrecht, Nederland.

2001·    Sophie's Winterpalace, sound installation, Utrecht, Nederland.

2000·    Boulevard ‘d Unica, photography installation, Utrecht, Nederland.

1999·    Art Circulation, sound installation, Nieuwegein, Nederland.

1998·    The Saloon, video sound installation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Aa Art 2, interactive installation, Groningen, Nederland. ·    Sensus, video sound installation, Utrecht, Nederland.

1997·    At the Receiving, interactive installation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    ArtBall, audio composition, Utrecht, Nederland.

1996·    Greetings from Holland, poetry, Utrecht, Nederland.

1995·    S.P.I.D.L.S.P, poetry installation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Gallery de Brieder, photography & sound, Rotterdam, Nederland. ·    The Room Project, photography, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    A Matter of Memory, poetry installation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    From Mouth to Mouth, photography installation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Boulevard d'Unica, organic objects, Utrecht, Nederland.

1994·    Sophie's Palace, presentation poetry bundle, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    Broese Kemink Books, poetry installation, Utrecht, Nederland.

PERFORMANCES 2008·    Bimhuis, vocal improvisation, Amsterdam, Nederland. ·    Gallery Artonova, live recitation, Brugge, Belgique. ·    Concerthall, live recitation, Gent, Belgique.

2007·    Living Concert, vocal improvisation, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    SJU Jazzpodium, vocal improvisation, Utrecht, Nederland.

2003·    Labyrinth of Possibilities, art experience project, Utrecht, Nederland.

1998·    Art Circulation, audio poetry performance, Nieuwegein, Nederland.

1997·    University Museum, performance, Utrecht, Nederland.

1996·    Int. Memorial Exchange, performance, Utrecht, Nederland. ·    For Example the Queen, performance, Amsterdam.

1994·    Expo Hall, audio poetry performance, Hilversum, Nederland. ·    I.I.A.V, audio poetry performance, Amsterdam.

PROJECTS 2004–2007·    Member planteam of FollyDock, International Folly Design Contest Rotterdam.

2003·    Initiator and Project-Director of art experiece project Labyrinth of Possibilities. Initiator, Producer and Music-Director audio productions Intrinsic Industries. Initator and Music-Director Sense it! AudioFilms.

2000·    Photography, International Sculptor Symposium 2000, Changchun, China. ·    1999 Initiator and Creative Director Magie Design,

1995–2000·    Member of exhibition committee De Galerij, space for dialogue exhibitions.

1994·    Member of the board of directors of Foundation Sophie's Palace, an artist-led initiative, wich stimulates interaction between artists among themselves and between artists and their audience.

BROADCASTED PROJECTS 2009·    File/Hipersonica, online broadcast, Sao Paulo. NPS6, radio broadcast, Hilversum, Nederland.

2007·    Meer TV, radio broadcast, Utrecht, Nederland.

2004·    Soundscape after 2000, radio broadcast, Hilversum, Nederland. ·    Soundscape after 2000, radio broadcast, Hilversum, Nederland.

WRITING 2008·    Sound Art- art works from the essence, Utrecht, Nederland.













2009-2010 / 2010.02.19. RN3. La Libélula (Annemarie Steinvoort)

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LA LIBELULA. 19-feb-10
53.3 MB 58:16 min

Hoy los ojos multifacetados de nuestra anisóptera dirigen la mirada lejos, al último horizonte, porque le ha entrado una duda... ¿Qué habrá al otro lado de las montañas?... Supone LaLiBéLuLa que ese microcosmos intuido a modo de otro mundo mejor es posible, es algo más que una utopía, porque cualquier vida distinta a la nuestra nos enriquece, nos cubre de colores distintos y nos hace crecer... Por eso hoy nos acompañan Leticia Audibert, el mismísimo Alvaro Cunqueiro y ya en las Tierras Altas de la península Ibérica, con versos editados por Hiperión, el poeta castellano Fermín Herrero (19/02/10).








2009-2010. Annemarie Steinvoort. IMMATEREALITY – SOUNDSCAPE


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 Inspired by being present in the moment, the sound around us and intrinsic sound within us, the essence of immateriality and reality is brought together to express that the immaterial is creation of reality and that reality is creation of the immaterial.

The titel expresses T’ai Chi: opposites come from unity and merge as one, something of the one is hidden in the other. Therefore the rotation symmetry and the dynamic interaction of polarities implies continuous cyclic movement and transformation.

The Soundscape composition is made by working with ‘real’ environmental sounds to create a new acoustic ‘virtual’ world. The concept of movement and transformation is expressed through the use of motion related and transit related sounds.

By taking environmental sounds from the natural and the mechanical world out of their context, a new unique space that exists only in sound is created. Immatereality is about the stages, motions and transformations in the realization of creation.














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