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2009-2010. Matthew Verdon (Cv)


EDUCATION ·    BA (Practice and Theory of Visual Art), Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2010·    The Pursuit of Happiness, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, Poland.

2009·    Art/Value/Currency, The Pigeon Wing, London. ·    Spinning Tongues, Vibe Gallery, London.

2008·    Wrapped and Encased, Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool. ·    Theory and Practice, Gallery Aferro, Newark, USA.

2007·    Punk, Ada Street Gallery, London, UK and Rote Flora, Hamburg, Deutschland. ·    Situation Leeds 07, Round Foundry Media Centre, Leeds.

2006·    Glossolalia, Gallery Aferro, Newark, USA. ·    Creekside Open, APT Gallery, London.

2005·    Terror, Beaconsfield Gallery, London.

FILM FESTIVALS AND SCREENINGS 2006·    Temporary Cities, Cultural Communication Centre of Klaipeda, Lithuania and National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia. ·    Projektor, Café Gallery Projects, London.

















2009-2010 / 2010.02.24. RN3. La Libélula (Mathew Verdon)

Name Play Size Duration
LA LIBELULA. 24-feb-10
57.7 MB 1:03:00 min

Hoy tenía intención de repasar con LaLiBéluLa de Radio3 una novedad discográfica que me ha dejado patidifuso... una producción de lujo, músicos excepcionales, unas canciones pegadizas y con mensaje, un sonido excepcional de una banda cuyo nombre no he conseguido retener, y no porque fuese extranjero, que yo juraría que no, sencillamente es que no se me ha quedado... además se me ha olvidado traer el disco, o sea que... bueno, pues escucharemos otras tonadas de... de otros artistas, leeremos algunos fragmentos seleccionados...y no sé si me dejo algo en el tintero...LaLiBéLuLa de Radio3 contará con las Memorias de un amnésico ( Memoirs of an amnesiac), una obra de arte sonoro que firma Mathew Verdon y que nos presentará desde Madrid Abierto Jorge Díez... Además contaremos con la palabra y las voces de Fermín Herrero, Pedro Guerra, Ángel González, Jorge Luis Borges, José Emilio Pacheco...(24/02/10).









2009-2010. Matthew Verdon. MEMOIRS OF AN AMNESIAC


Name Play Size Duration
Memoirs of an amnesiac
Matthew Verdon

10.1 MB 8:52 min

 The recording is based on a quote written by avant-garde composer Erik Satie, taken from his collection of writings titled Memoirs of an Amnesiac. The full quote describes a typical day in his somewhat eccentric lifestyle. The text, spoken by the artist, is repeated eight times with every second word removed from each reading. This applies a reductive strategy to the text, where it gets progressively shortened until eventually only the first sentence remains. A feeling of dissonance is created, where the logical expression of language is disrupted, resulting in a mixture of sense and nonsense, seriousness and humour. The seemingly disconnected words are read at a steady pace in a monotone voice, where they function like the beat of a metronome, a device used to regulate the pace of music.















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