2006. Tanadori Yamaguchi + Maki Portilla-Kawamura + Key Portilla-Kawamura + Ali Ganjavian. LOCUTORIO COLÓN (2006.01 / technical data)

“Locutorio Colón” is an artistic project with a strong social message (5 booths free of charge to call latin america), but there’s no reason to expect anything that isn’t an order of basic functioning that guarantees citizen’s safety and a quiet use of its services.

The agreed terms with madrid abierto (organizer of the event) and the telefónica foundation (collaborator and provider of technology), is to open everyday between the 1st and the 26th of february 2006, with limited opening hours (from 9 pm to 12 pm). In this way the flux of users is under control.

Likewise, a waiting system of turns will be used by which each visitor will receive a numbered ticket on arrival to be able to use the booth. The duration of each call is limited to 5 minutes to avoid any abuse of the service. We expect users to respect this order.

During the first days its function and flux of users will be objectively evaluated. if problems occurred, measures should be taken. these would consist of, firstly: fence the area to create a stretch and thus control the turns, secondly, to monitor with some security agent, and, as last resort, to close the service.

The authors are aware that a social-artistic project should not involve any altercation or generate insecurity and are ready to assume the measures apointed above.