2008. LaHostiaFineArts (LHFA). EXPLORANDO USERA (2007.10 / fieldwork)

CALL: Guide for tapas in Usera

Your lucky. You have been chosen to participate in the creation of a guide for tapas in Usera. Next 27th of October at 12am we will meet in… to explore this aspect of Usera.

What you have to do is to take two or three friends and walk around an area that has been assigned to you. You are a team leader and LHFA will give you 50 euros to spend on tapas. In exchange, you and your group will give us information on at least two different bars for each participant. For example: if you are three, you will tell us of six bars. And also take two pictures: an external one of the bar and another of its interior (product, atmosphere or architecture).

To make your job easier we will give you a form to fill in on each case, a list of bars, a map of the area and a LHFA card (we need you to send us a picture to make it or you can bring it to the meeting spot).

Please, answer swiftly announcing your participation because if not maybe we will have to look for someone else.

(October 2007)