2009-2010. Adaptive Actions. AA CAMP-MADRID (2009.05 / proyect review / proposed locations)

Options (see images of different Madrid locations for references)

The choice of the location for the Adaptive Actions camp is crucial to the success of the project. I did not have time to identify a location last time in Madrid during our preparatory trip, but I was planning on travelling to Madrid 3 or 4 days when I will be back in London to find a relevant place for the project. Meanwhile, before my return, maybe you would have some suggestions.

I would need about 60 to 80 m2 for the tent and outside space for gathering, information panels and a large banner (could be less or more depending on location and visibility).

1- Vacant lot
On which I could put the AA tent (Red-Cross type tent)
Considerations: visibility, security when not there and tent temperature (it was colder in Madrid then I initially thought, especially for long activities).

2- A space with a garage door which opens on a busy street
Considerations: visibility

3- An indoor public space in which I can install a tent (ex: Madrid train station)
Considerations: who are the regular users of the space and are they diversified…?

Nov092009-151Estación de Atocha    Nov092009-160Estación de Atocha

Nov092009-190Patio de la Casa Encendida

Nov092009-049Patio Museo Reina sofía


Jean-François Prost, representative for the project















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