2009-2010. Lisa Cheung. HUERTO-O-BUS (2009.05 / project review / proposed locations)

Huert-o-bus can assess all locations and all are concrete surfaces and public spaces.

1. Paseo de Recoletos (in front of National Library)


2. Plaza de la Luna , C/ de la Luna, Centro


3. Plaza de la Corrala, Lavapiés (in front of new library, front entrance) & Doktor Fourquet 24, Lavapiés*

3Plaza de la Corrala, Lavapies

4Doctor Fourquet 24, Lavapiés


4. Plaza de la Remonta, Tetuán


5. Plaza de Pilarica? (entre c/ Pilarica & c/ Dolores Barranco), Usera or Plaza Andreas Arteaga (next to c/ Andreas Arteaga), Usera*

6Plaza de Pilarica, Usera

7Plaza Andreas Arteaga, Usera

*Where two locations are indicated, one or the other will be sufficient.

(MAY 2009)