2009-2010. Iñaki Larrimbe. UNOFFICIAL TOURISM (2009.05 / project review / theoretical data)



- A location has been selected for the intervention: in front the Wax Museum (Paseo de Recoletos 41).

- A working team has been created with the creators of routes:
John Tones will create an itinerary on old arcade machines.
Mauro Entrialgo, neon promotion signs.
Jimina Sabadú, places in Madrid where famous movies have been filmed.
Santi Otxoa, religious relics.
Guillermo, murals.

- Marta has asked for six budgets to print works of Madrid for the making of maps, booklet and exterior vinyl to decorate the caravan.

- The cost of hiring a person to work helping tourists in the caravan has been evaluated. Marta will take care of it.

- An artisan has been contacted to customize the caravan in Vitoria (internal furniture).

- A graphic designer has been contacted in Vitoria to design the graphic material.

- A person from Vitoria has been contacted to take the caravan to Madrid.

- A website has been created:

- The budget is always under revision. The project will adjust perfectly to it. In this aspect, there are no problems.


- End of June: delivery of the maps by collaborators

- July, August, September: design of maps and booklet by designer

- October, November and December: internal and external customization of the caravan (designer and artisan)

- End of January: hire the person in the caravan

- End of January: transfer caravan to Madrid and locate it in its proper place

 (MAY 2009)