2009-2010. Gustavo Romano. TIME NOTES: OFICINA MÓVIL (2009.05 / project review / theoretical data)

 The Time Notes project involves a series of actions in public spaces using a new monetary system based on time units, 1 year bills, 60 minutes, etc. The back of these bills present different quotes, about money or time, written by philosophers, writers or economists.


Starting off with one first launch action developed in Berlin, other actions took place in different cities, Singapore, Rostock, Vigo, Munich, Mexico, Buenos Aires. In each case people started to discuss the different local problems related to the currency system of exchange and how people experience and perceive time.

The proposal for Madrid Abierto is based on three premises:
- The action that will take place in the Mobile Office
- The installation of the Central Office in Casa de America
- A debate session

These actions will be complemented with a promotion campaign in the streets and through the Internet.


The office will start to venture through those lines, but might drift through nearby streets diverting from the main arteries. It will also be focused on eventual situations of public concurrence, approaching these events, created by chance or programmed during the month of February in Madrid.

The information given by “clients” of the bank will be collected, and will be transferred daily to the web of Time Notes.




The Office, through its system of lost time reimbursement, presents itself as a place for reception and classification of time which has been transferred involuntarily, under pressure or for arbitrary reasons. In other words, time wasted attending to an unwanted job, time lost in the wrong relationship, time spent while serving in the army, etc.

In the Mobile Office, a Time Notes representative will register descriptions of how the deponents lost their time, and reimburse the deponent with a bill of the corresponding value. The reason for the loss of time will be printed on the back. Also, an online data base with the compiled information will be created.

We invite people to reflect on the social exchange system and our preconceptions on value of time and money, and mainly about the future, the Loan Office presents its line of credit for the realization of postponed wishes. If you had an extra minute, hour or day in your life. What would you do with it?



The Central Office, established as an operational base and information centre, which will be situated in the Dolls' Room of Casa de America, will serve for several uses and purposes:

- Thanks to an updated map, it will offer information about the routes, schedules and itineraries of the Mobile Office.
- Central Office will receive the video signal from the Mobile Office wherever it may be.
- A customer service section will be installed, offering the same services as the Mobile Office.
- The Office will also offer documental information, videos, bills and other documents of what has previously occurred in the Mobile Office as well as in other stages of the Time Notes project.
- A centre will be created for the reception, discussion and bibliographic consultancy of reference material related to problems of money, new alternative exchange systems and other financial theories.
- It will also serve as location for the Mobile Office once it has finished its daily route.



We suggest the celebration of a debate session on the established systems of exchange and the presentation of alternative models.

The session would be completed with two activities:

- A round table and presentation of projects, in which I would intervene as facilitator, with guests still to be specified, which could be for example, Greorg Zoche, founder of Transnational Republic, (with his Payola currency), or Fran Ilich, director of the SpaceBank (self-administrated entity that handles Mexican Zapatism’s assets), but they can also be local agents which I haven’t identified yet. 1

- The second activity is to generate a dynamic of informal and open chat between the guests and interested groups that have already experimented with various alternative systems of exchange or others who are interested in the assimilation of these types of subjects.

The session could take place in any room that might be available, or in any location that is interested in hosting the event.

1If we don’t find specific international guests to come, we can always carry out a teleconference or previously recorded video.

(MAY 2009)













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