2009-2010. Gustavo Romano. TIME NOTES: OFICINA MÓVIL (2009.05 / project review / technical data)



Design the notes (Madrid Abierto eidition)
Design the flyers
Drawing of the cart
Print the notes
Contact and call for possible actors
Call of the international guests for debate session
Find a place in Madrid to be in August for four days

August and September

Arrival in Madrid
Acquisition of computers and the rest of technical devices
Meeting with actors, selection
Search and selection of providers to make the cart
Contact local guests for the debate session and find a place
Find apartment for January and February
Departure from Madrid
Development and installation of software


Rent of an apartment in Madrid
Arrival in Madrid
Print flyers
Hire Internet service
Creation of the cart
Distribution of flyers
First runs with the Mobile Office
Record video
Edition of video

February (before the 4th)

Assembly at Casa de America
Test Internet connection and communication between Mobile Office and Main Office

From the 4th of February on

Programmed routes of Mobile Office begin
Main Office functioning
Preparations for debate session

Date still to be established

Debate session

From the 1st of March on




General production

- 3000 note printing (special issue for Madrid Abierto)
- Promotion flyers to post around the streets

Mobile office production

- Construction of a cart upon a tricycle
- 2 actors or volunteers to attend the office
- 1 printer
- 1 laptop (with an extra battery charge and webcam)
- Wireless Internet 3G

Production for main office (in Casa de America)

- 1 actor or volunteer to take care of the office
- 1 desk or kiosk
- 2 chairs
- 1 reading desk (or reading place with 1 or 2 buckets)
- Promotion poster to show the way to the office
- 1 computer
- 1 printer
- Electric connection
- Internet connection
- 1 DVD player
- 1 TV set
- Headphones
- 1 showcase or desk to exhibit the notes











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