2009-2010. Susanne Bosch. HUCHA DE DESEOS: ¡TODOS SOMOS UN BARRIO, MOVILÍZATE! (Open Space / technical data)

Open Space on La hucha de deseos
27th Feb 2010
in Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid, Spain
for a 1-day Open Space gathering with approx. 60-80 participants
(Feb 10th, 2010)



The parameters described here have been developing over the last decade of Open Space practice in more than 250 Open Space Technology events. The collective experiences are transferred into conditions and infrastructure proved to be helpful for self-organized learning and working in Open Space format. The materials and requirements listed below provide the infrastructure for self organizing work and learning. Ideas, suggestions, improvements and other inputs from sponsors and participants in the trainings have been the major contribution to developing these parameters and are very welcome! If you consider alternative options please consult with the training team.



1. Monica Castillo will facilitate the Open Space event.

2. 2 helper (TBN) will assist to set up and maintain the infrastructure, registration of participants, taking digital photos, recording the results, producing the book of proceedings incl. table of content, work on the contact list, etc.

They need to be available one day prior the event for setting up and during some hours after the event for taking everything down.



The entire Sala de Columnas is needed for three days.

No other activities can be organized at the same time.

The central space for the circle will be in the Sala de Columnas.

We identified 5-6 breakout rooms in the Sala de Columnas.

For 50-80 participants 50-80 chairs will be needed, arranged in a circle. 30 additional chairs for the 6-8 break-out spaces. No tables! Daylight is essential! The centre of the circle needs a carpet or 8 cushions for people to kneel on while they write their issues. Make sure that we can stick papers with masking tape to the walls.

Ask for permission!

It is essential that the team will have full access to the facility from 4 pm on Feb 26, 2010 for set up the Open Space infrastructure and until 7 pm on Feb 27, 2010 for taking it down.



1. A high speed copy machine that can enlarge from A4 to A3 format, including extra
toner in reserve in the facility, technical support on hand. The copy machine will serve as scanner for the PDF (if possible).
2. 8 cushions for the centre of the circle for people to kneel on while they write their issues
3. Mobile pin-boards or wall space (Make sure that we can stick papers with masking tape to the walls. Ask for permission!)
4. 2 Glue sticks
5. 40 black, 20 blue, 20 red and 10 green broad tipped (4 to 5mm) marker
6. Red, green, black and blue 2 of each color Trainer Marker (10 mm)
7. 80 fine liner felt tip markers (0,4 mm, black)
8. 2 packages of crayons
9. 1.500 pins, 4 mm head diameter, 15 mm long
10. 50 pin cushions
11. 12 clip boards A4
12. 20 material boxes A4
13. 2 pairs of scissors
14. 1 small bottle of TipEx
15. Computer and ideally access a printer
16. Digital photo camera
17. Video camera
18. Microphon



1. 100 sheets of flip chart paper (plain, no rules or squares) or similar sheets of paper (A1) 69cm x 99cm
3. 200 sheets A3 paper 80g/sqm white
4. 200 sheets A3 paper 80g/sqm yellow
5. 300 white, 300 yellow and 200 red cards, 99 x 210 mm, 160 g/sqm
6. 2 rolls of soft paper masking tape 30 mm wide, Tesa # 4322
7. Post-its, self-adhesive, size 12,5 cm by 7,5 cm, in 6 different colors (one pack of each)
8. 2 sticks of gue

The book of proceedings will be done digitally and will just exist as 1 original copy.



The agenda needs to be amended the closer we get to the event.





Monica and 2helpers

Friday 26th


10 h

Setting up the space, unpacking, control material list, setting up the office, making the signs, last questions

Monica and 2 helpers



Saturday 27th 2010



Registration, check in, cup of coffee, break

Monica and 2 helpers,

1 person for buffet

1 person for documentacion



Susanne / Madrid Abierto


Introduction OS



1. Break-out session



2. Break-out session



3. Break-out session



Wall of Proceedings



Action Planning


16.30-17 h

Closing Circle




During an Open Space with 50-80 participants the book of proceedings contains about 80 pages incl. table of content, cover page, contact list and photos. Each participant should get her/his personal PDF of the book.

This should be delivered digitally. One assistant will be busy with the production of the PDF. This can be done directly while the 30 minutes of Closing Circle and taken home on a memory stick or send via e-mail /downloaded from webpages when participants leave.

If this doesn’t work out the organiser must find a possibility to send this to each participant shortly after the gathering (by E-mail, download or if not possible, as a print out).



Open Space is an Institutionalized Coffee Break. Therefore, it is important to have a permanent buffet style catering near the main room during the entire time of the event. It consists of mineral water, fruit juice, coffee, tea, fresh milk for tea and coffee, fruits, vegetable sticks (carrots, turnip, cucumbers, whatever in season) with thick yoghurt dips, nuts. This substitutes for the traditional coffee breaks which are not provided for, breaks are self organized.

This kind of non-stop buffet also requires non-stop attention: fresh dishes, refills,

etc. with much attention by the food service staff.



The invitation should contain time and place of the meeting, the organizer, the title and the context of the actual Open Space gathering. Furthermore it contains some information about Open Space Technology and the way, in which the meeting will be held. The following list of aspects can help to formulate the letter. But it is up to the organizer and the invited what will actually be put in.

In case of any doubt: less is more!



The Contact List contains the contact data of the participants and will become part of the Book of Proceedings. The Contact List will contain the last name, the first name, the postal address, telephone number(s), and email….other items such as organization, web address, etc. are optional. The list is set up with the last names in alphabetical order in the first column.

The Contact List will be started as a separate document before the Open Space event.

The preliminary list will be produced in Excel or Word as the participants are signing up for the event. The files will be available at the beginning of the event. The list will be printed, enlarged on A3-paper and posted on the wall in the main room. Participants may than add, remove or edit their own data. The corrected list will be printed and enlarged again for cross checking the data. The final version will than be included into the Book of Proceedings that every participant will take home.

It enables the participant to stay in contact and to work together on their plans and projects created during the event.