2006. Gustav Hellberg. PULSING PATH: AMBIGUOUS VISION (2005.12 / proposed locations)



Site for Pulsing Path - ambiguous vision (Madrid 2006) Gustav Hellberg

I would like to use the path that runs in the park like area in the middle of Paseo del Prado between Plaza de Canovas del Castillo and Plaza de Cibeles. I am giving two alternatives as I am not sure about how the lampposts are connected.


I've chosen this area because its park like feeling, where the idea of the path is in focus, also suggested by the title. This area's lampposts' old fashion design make them suitable as generic lamp posts. This is also the type of lamp posts I had in mind during the development of the work.

The area is interesting as it is not only a passage way for pedestrians but also a recreational area with benches for people to rest and playgrounds for children. It is an urban site with activity and stillness always surrounded by heavy traffic. In that surrounding the effect of a strange behaving set of lampposts will get its best impact.

I would suggest A before B if no technical or other problem favours B.

Version A:


Using the nine first lampposts along the middle path, counting from Pza. de Canovas del Castillo towards Fuenta de Apolo, for pulsing. The following lampposts, continuing northwards, need to be fitted with the same light bulbs as the pulsing ones if the light is not the same.

The northern part of this path gets to much light from the street which make me want that part to be 'normal', lights always on.

This part of the path is the darkest and the best effect will be able to reach here. It is also the most 'path like' stretch. The quieter part of this area could make it less visible.

Version B:


Using the 8 northern lampposts along the east path north of Fuente de Apolo .
The 5 lights on the east side (play ground side) need to be fitted with the same light bulbs as the pulsing ones.

The playground area south of Fuente de Apolo is more used by children, also has more play equipment and should be left as it is. It is probably no use to change light bulbs.

This part is closer to the busier part of the street and the work might be seen by more people, even by people that are not waling down the Paseo del Prado. I am a little bit concerned that the 'playgroundarea' will disturb the path feeling.


Note, concerning both version A and B:
If there's a too obvious difference in light strength and light temperature from the original lamps to the pulsing ones, it might be necessary to considering changing the closest ones.















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