2006. Gustav Hellberg. PULSING PATH: AMBIGUOUS VISION (2005.11 / technical data)



Light control unit
An automatic dimmer control unit is connected to the circuit of the chosen row / rows of lamp posts.

Eventual change of light sources
If almost are fitted with metal halogen lamps or similar the light sources need to be changed to light bulbs, emitting similar light strength and light temperature, as metal halogen lamps cant be dimmed in desired cyclic mode.

Pulsing the light of all lamp posts along a whole street's or lane's length
Change all light sources to dimmable ones (light bulbs).

Pulsing the light of lamp post section
Change chosen light sources to dimmable ones (light bulbs). If light bulbs doesn't emit exact light strength and light temperature as original light source two lamp posts on either side of chosen segment should also be changed but not connected to dimmer unit, to make the light
transition point less obvious.

Oscillating sequence (continuous cycle)
Light - dark, dark - light, approximately 30 seconds