2005. Rebekka Reich + Anne Lorenz. TAXI MADRID (Bárbara / transcription - audio - postcard)




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Look for the station in the Radio, The Cure, Killing an Arab”, Liedansage – fade out

Just before turning eighteen I always wore black. And so, a bit punk. So I had a period – like in painting – a black period.

I don’t remember anything. I remember a lot of traffic jams. I remember lots of cars.

It’s funny. I’m attract/attracted to seeing it again, because I remember it like gloomy, sinister. Like they were on a dark place without windows… a room full of black paintings, and therefore, like, I remember them dark, but probably not.

Voice of a guide in El Prado (man), talking about the black paintings. In the background you can hear birds and traffic, as if the windows were open. 

I think of green in trees and, space.
There was a place in Madrid, that before they finished the Almudena, the Cathedral, ah, it was half finished, it unfinished for a long time. It was like some ruins, and next to it there was a, nice square, and you could see all the, the, the, what is in front, the casa de campo and so a lot of green, very far away, and I don’t know, a place with a lot of, a lot of charm. The other day I went and there was no charm (laughs). Because the cathedral is finished and they have put some lines and they have closed it (?), but it’s a place I remember well, I don’t, nice. 

Birds - crossfade – crowd – saying demonstration slogans (of the 80’s) 

I lived around (?), Ciudad Lineal, my father was a diplomat. 

It’s funny.
Oh god!
I remember the demonstrations, but not in specific places. 

I remember when the Guernica was in the Casón de buen retiro…
I know the Guernica was taken away, but I remember seeing it in a place, that was around, that only had the Guernica, which impressed a lot, because it was there alone. 

Notice in the airport for Barbara Sela

I was two years in, in, in Rome, and I returned, three years in England and then I returned, then I studied in Holland, from, well, from eighteen to twenty one, twenty two. 

Skid, brake, a car door opens, you can hear The Cure inside, voice of a taxi driver: to the airport? Inside a taxi with The Cure 

I remember one, that was very fast, that happens a lot, but I specially remember one, I was scared, no, with taxi drivers, for how fast they go. Once, when, when one was with a television on, running a lot (?). I was very scared. He, he came speeding and, I don’t know, he saw me and stopped. And, and when I got in, I saw he was watching TV and I thought to myself, we’re going to get killed. 

Sweet flute – baroque music of the black period 

Well, I left to study and then, when I came here, because I found work as flautist here in Sevilla. I am from Madrid. All my family is from Madrid. They’re all there, but I don’t have the feeling of being from Madrid. 

Sevillanas (ojos de brujo – no 9)


Ticket to el prado with a picture of a black painting
Music sheets for sweet flute in the baroque, used

Photo: headphones – black sweater – punk style black scarf – music sheets for sweet flute in the baroque, used







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