2005. Rebekka Reich + Anne Lorenz. TAXI MADRID (Emily / transcription - audio - postcard)




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 The studio was behind sepu (¿), in Desengaño street, and I saw the Telefonica building from, from the balcony because it was on the sixth floor.

Everyone thought, i would just stay there for ever.

< jazz music

When I was alone I put jazz.
In the sculpture department, which was very small and pretty old teachers and with conservative ideas, they told me, that sculpture was not for women and that they didn’t recommend it, to study that, and that well, they didn’t help a lot and also, they, ah, encouraged me to leave the Faculty and working on sculpture on my own.

I always went up Gran Vía and… (?)… there, behind the Telefónica building to get to the studio. And as the surrounding buildings are very high (??), the street was always in the shade. Then I left the sun in Gran Vía to enter in this narrow and dark street, I went up the six floor on a very old lift, when it was working, if not I walked, to the studio, which was pretty sunny. This, I clearly remember. Apart from probably being my favourite spot in Madrid.

Twenty years already, you know. Then, what remains is like pictures, pictures engraved in my mind…

You hear a lift coming down, the door to the lift opens, street sounds, steps, stop

…cibeles, how the water splashed and the sun shined,

steps continue, stop

… and the post office and (?) covering the façade with smoke from the cars

steps continue, stop

the smell, of, of, of circulo de bellas artes, a very old building.

Sounds in the street >

… sidewalks are tough, and streets, …, I walked a lot, and…(?).. due to so much walking.
I didn’t have many clothes, (…) I had a, like a vest, not a vest, like a coat, half coat, light, black, cotton made. Ahh that I put on a lot until it turned grey like chocolate in the sun. I had a grey skirt with little pink and yellow flowers and they same, I put it on until, I, I, I couldn’t put it on any more.

She laughs x people that laugh in a café
It was in winter with one of those white suns that you see in winter and we went to the crystal palace, I don’t know if it’s still called that way, and it had the Cy Twombly exhibition and everything was white. That, with the sun, the glass, Cy Twombly’s white, that was, a dream (?). Ah later we went to have some Martinis in a square, there is, a café in (?) the retiro with friends and that day stayed with me. With the taste of Martini and, ah, crystal light. No. (lachen)

In the café, a toast with glasses, laughter
To someone else:
So many memories, but most of all the literary circles with people, no. And the places, were people gathered. And as time seemed, the days were so long, and there was always time for everything. Ah, you didn’t need something to amuse oneself, the conversation, with conversation it was enough.
I also speak English, yes, when ever you want.
Ah, Ehm, i was really glad that you called, because, ehm, im still having trouble putting it away. Really. And, ehm and let him go. Because for me it was also,was also, when i was starting finding myself. And sometimes its hard to say, to let that go. You know you cant go back again. You cant go back to being 19 or 22. Or free like that. Ehm. (...) And i was very, very involved with the people (...) Putting it all away has been very difficult for me. And yea, i need to.


The subway arrives at the station, people come in and the subway leaves. Silence in the subway station.

Once I, I arrived at night, ah, I lived in the rastro, but then I was working for a lady as interpreter, and her hotel was around Recoletos (…) Then I returned to get in the subway, and ah, a youngster mugged me, a type of gypsy youth, ah, he had a knife and wanted to take my wallet. And I don’t quiet remember because the first that (?) it was a physical aggression, direct. And my reaction was to fight, not to run, but to defend myself. And he wasn’t expecting that. And I remember thinking, I’m friendly of (?) kid, no, and sure he’s my neighbour in the rastro and how ridiculous it was, that, for being, in a rich neighbourhood I become a victim, but when Im at home close to where he lives, he doesn’t even look at me.
All of that crossed my mind while he was in front of me with the knife, and I fought with him, and in the end the wallet broke and things fell on the floor and he took the wallet (porse?) and he left, but I had nothing in my wallet, I had everything in my pockets, no, no I didn’t lose much (lachen) but yes, I laugh because I can (?) the things, that crossed my mind, iat, at that moment.

The next subway comes around, she gets on:
In the subway (driving)

And the conversation with the taxi driver ah when, we were on way, and of course always when I speak in Spanish and was a foreigner and they spoke with me, yes, everybody talks to you, tell you things and tried to, and jabber (lachen) and all that stuff. Those conversations while going to the airport mixed will sadness, no, to, to, leave behind, my life, my world, no, for a while. And the coming back, when I returned to Madrid, got a taxi and, and, returned to the centre. The happiness of returning and finding those places. And I spoke happily to the taxi driver, very happy because I was coming back, no, returned. To a place where I felt very good.

Jazz music

And now if one returns twenty years later, ah, your not going to find what you’re looking for.

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