2005. Rebekka Reich + Anne Lorenz. TAXI MADRID (Dagmar / transcription - audio - postcard)



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Once, when I returned from… returned from Germany.. with… I got a cab in the airport with my then boyfriend, from Germany, we talked German all the time and the taxi driver thought we were foreigners and he took us on a tour around Madrid…

2 people speaking in German – man and woman (very low, in the backseat)

so, instead of taking us directly to the address that I had given in a direct manner, he drove around making outrages circles, no, because he thought that we were foreigners and couldn’t tell…

Taxi driver tells me the price of the trip in pesetas, very loud

When I return to Madrid I always… get goose bumps… (positive, thoughtful)

Most of all when I’m the area of Puerta del Sol.

Sound when entering the sol subway station – air vent? – lottery sellers

Puerta del Sol has a lot to do with me, most of all the subway station… each time, each time I come back to Madrid, the smell of the subway, which is something, that I think only exists in Madrid… that smell of paper… it’s a bit like the newspaper smell, the newspaper in Spain, El País, smells a lot like the subway (she laughs)

Rustle the newspaper – opening a page

(using a newsreader’s tone)
…. the most horrible place in the world is Puerta del Sol or downtown Madrid, the old Madrid in Christmas…

The heat that comes out of the subway in winter when you’re walking around, or when you’re in font of the Mallorquina cake shop… And the smell of the subway comes out and I say, oh great, this is Madrid! (laughter)

Spanish music – song about Madrid (for example: caminando por la calle – ojos de brujo)

On Sunday mornings, in the morning, alter breakfast I went for a walk with my grandfather, I went to by the newspaper, sunbathe in the winter, so that the sun hit our faces, and he took me to the Café Central… in Bilbao… to have chocolate and strips of fried dough… and I remember these… it’s like a beautiful thing of mine, it’s something that remains in my heart.

Something that I also loved about Madrid that I buy every time I go, are Madrid’s violet flowers. In Sevilla there’s a shop, it’s called the violetera, I think, they sell violet flowers that are like pills, like sweets, with violet flavour…

Sound inside the shop, slowly crossfades into the post office in Cibeles

… I sent a package, no wait I take.. how was it, I don’t remember very well… I had a problem with a package and started to fight with a lady that was behind the counter… there was trouble, I shouted at her and she shouted at me

two dogs or two roosters fighting

in the end I went home without my package.. without paper.. with nothing – completely enraged.. but I remember, that the building is beautiful inside, but the customer service was terrible, awful, then, in the eighties, no

Love song 80’

Oh, yes, the botanic garden (laughs) I had a German friend, a German boyfriend, and he gave me a beautiful kiss (she laughs) under a palm tree.

Sound of garden, sitting on a bench, saying the following to someone

….it made me very envious that Mr Thyssen had that private collection in his home.. in his favourite villa in Switzerland… What a luck to be so rich and have those fabulous paintings..

(the park sound continues)

yes, had a lot, ähm ‘guter geschmack’,… how do you say it in Spanish? Good taste?

Well I left Madrid, because I fell in love with a man from Hamburg

Sound of a street at night, without much traffic, undistinguishable voices, maybe a dog barking (lavapies)

Maybe this is my city.

You never feel alone.. there are always voices.. you hear voices

Voices from afar, the garbage collectors approaching

…there’s something strange … the neighbours hear sounds, and… really, it was in the newspapers, they said there was a ghost inside.. and there’s something very strange, I must have heard about it somewhere, what’s happening with, I think it has to do with Casa de America… they say there are ghosts or zombies living inside..

sound of garbage collectors at night – leaving with their truck. 

DIE ZEIT: German newspaper (the taxi driver has to buy it every Thursday)
Violets: the taxi driver offers it to the client when getting off the taxi

 Photo: Reading the newspaper – newspaper, jeans, Jesus type sandals






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