2007. Discoteca Flaming Star. DISCOTECA FALMING STAR (audio - transcription)




I pity the young fascists,

and the old ones, whom I consider forms

of the most horrible evil, I oppose

only with the violence of reason.


I hate people removing the dust from houses. They make my world unbearable.

I hate translations from French, which notoriously loses its flavour in translation.

I hate people saying “I was meant to be a ballet dancer,” while running a pig farm.

I hate not knowing whether a non-smoker, not smoking is a smoker or a non smoker.

I hate those who always know where they are.

I hate people dying a natural death;  I paid to much for them.

I hate knowledge; it cherishes hope.

I hate Women; They get on my nerves.

I hate Men; They irritate me.

I hate Actresses; they get on my nerves.

I hate Relatives; They cramp my style.

I hate order; it cheats on the apokalypse.

I hate Slackers; They get on my nerves.

I hate Bohemians; They shatter my morale.

I hate the Office; It cuts in on my social life.

I hate Actors; They ruin my evenings.

I hate Bores; They take the joy out of my life.

I hate the Drama; It cuts in on my sleep.

I hate Parties; They bring out the worst in me.

I hate Movies; They lower my vitality.

I hate Books; They tire my eyes.

I hate fat corpses; they have no ghosts.

I hate rich people; they are in my way.

I hate the Younger Set; They harden my arteries.

I hate Summer Resorts; They ruin my vacation.

I hate wash; it’s the beginning of dictatorship, without wash no hitler.

I hate the tongues of  the slanderer, they poison my kitchen.

I hate Wives; Too many people have them.

I hate Husbands; They narrow my scope.

I hate College Boys; They get under my feet.

I hate praise; its brutal and an obligation.

I hate people without gardens; they water my weed.

I hate people who do not bath their frogs; they dry my politics.

I hate readers; they read so that a lot might stick in their minds.

I hate charts; they make me dissappear.

I hate fences, they all look the same.

I hate newspapers, they pretend to have a lot to say.

I hate interviewers, they always want to know what my opinion is.

I hate the internet, it brings out all the boredom in me.

I hate schools, they are full of children.

I hate security, it speaks all the time.

I hate professors, the all want to teach me something.

I hate cosmetic products, the oversize my luggage.

I hate illegal sellers, they get in my way.

I hate tourists, they narrow my scope.

I hate the future, it is too based on promises.

I hate investors, the constantly need new markets.

I hate the rain, it washes my make up away.

I hate militars, the move too constantly.

I hate diagrams, the insist on relationships.

I hate buses, they let me wait.

I hate exhibitions, they tyre my feet.

I hate restaurants, they smell like candles.

I hate buildings, they are too big.

I hate speculants, they want my interest.

I hate the suburbs, they miss the center.

I hate the subway, it darkness my perspectives.

I hate cakes, they enlarge my size.

I hate boutiques, they are not able to protect their maniquies.

I hate bars, they bring out my lust.

I hate dogs, their smell is too strong.

I hate the police, they insist on being in movies.

I hate cars, they make me look out of 6 windows.

I hate menus, they make me confused.

I hate graffities, they all look the same.

I hate politicians, they narrow my scope.

I hate growth; it’s too vulgar.

I hate wonders; they freeze my possibilities.

I hate chewinggum; it brings out my contempt for others.

I hate stars; they do not smell.


Inspiriert durch:

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Zweite Wahl:

I hate those who apply the rules established by previous successes by others.

I hate women dressing like women while they are with men.

I hate destiny with its it little jokes. It makes me throw up with its stupid  cheerfullness.

I hate comfortableness; it produces recidivists.

I hate societies made by and for creatures who, when they are not grim and depressing are utter bores.

I hate computers, they tyre my wrists.

I  hate smiles, I do not bear to see all those teeth.

I hate risk, it makes me feel desea.

I hate cellphone ring tones, they get on my nerves.

I hate cities, they have too many windows.

I hate loneliness, it leaves me alone with myself.

I hate museums, they are too clean.

I hate speculants, they want my interest.

I hate the suburbs, they miss the center.

I hate menus, they make me confused.

I hate cancer, it attacks people I love.

I hate autobiographies, they are pretencious about the truth.

I hate wonders; they freeze my possibilities.

I hate people who cannot decide what makes them happy; they poison my blood.

I hate ambulances; they remind me of my fathers death.

I hate birds; they eat my crumbs.

I hate repetition; it kills.

I hate taxis; they all look the same.









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