2008. Fernando Llanos. [VI VÍDEO] (published text)

[vi video]
Mobile Videointerventions in specific urban contexts.

“Fernando Llanos is one of the most interesting experimental artists in contemporary Mexico. His work shifts between several territories and disciplines, including video, robotics, ciberart and performance.
Guillermo Goméz-Peña. Artist.

Videoman captures the collective subconscious precisely where culture and counterculture meet. The stage is the street, a laboratory where people make their way without noticing how they transform their environment and create new models of coexistence.

The artist makes us reflect on the type of conscious which can be generated by a society where the masses obstruct, uniform and ignore but nevertheless create certain voids where the human being can flow individually - voids employed by Llanos to change both our routine and our spaces.

His reflections are projected in video format in different, previously analysed points of the city. The ephemeral and mobile nature of the project involves the public through a closed-circuit system that records the reactions to this participative action defined by its creator as “urban acupuncture”.

The new intervention is projected in the junction of Paseo de la Castellana, Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía and it is presented together with those presented in Casa de América in Brazil and Mexico.