2009-2010. Susanne Bosch. HUCHA DE DESEOS: ¡TODOS SOMOS UN BARRIO, MOVILÍZATE! (wishes / audio transcription)


A house for the homeless.

A monument that represents La Latina and a sports centre.

A green area.

A sports centre.

A green area.

Fix Jesús el Pobre street because it’s in real bad condition. They have fixed all the adjacent streets where there are outdoor bars.

I would like the garbage in the containers to be picked up more frequently, there are rats and a lot of filth

I would like public toilets in the bar areas, because if not people pee in the street and it smells really bad.

We want more drinking fountains in the street. Thanks.

To remove the benches from Gran Vía of San Francisco number 8 and put more light, please.

Fresh squares not deserts, we don’t want deserts. Please, Gallardon!

Don’t take away Vistillas’ park.

Don’t take park of la Cornisa from us.

Leave Vistillas and la Cornisa without priests.

I want to recover the swimming pool of La Latina, because now, each time I want to go swimming I have to go to Pacifico, please.

Saconia became an independent neighborhood. I want a free, united and unique Saconia. I want a special Saconia of Spain.

Fix Travesía de las Vistillas, which is paved and in bad condition.

For the Vatican to leave the hill of Vistillas.

I want the empty premises of la Latina were used for neighbourhood activities.

Public toilets so people don’t piss on the street.

For 2010 to bring much joy to the neighbourhood of La Latina.

Never take away the park of Vistillas, and everything surrounding it which San Francisco the Great.

I very much desire, very much, that in our fountain of La Latina, there were a drinking fountain.

I want more moneyboxes such as this one, so we can give people in the neighbourhood a chance to speak up.

Hi, I’m David, , I’m not from this neighbourhood, but if it were my neighbourhood I would like a bicycle lane. Thanks.

I very much desire, very much, to plant rosemary and thyme in the square’s basins.

Public toilets in the street so people don’t piss on the doors of houses.

I want a lot of moneyboxes because it’s the coolest thing in Madrid, no doubt.

I want to wipe the dog poops out of the neighbourhood.

We want a livelier neighbourhood, of cultural ways of life.

I want more parks in the neighbourhood, there are none. Please.

I don’t know what I want for this neighbourhood; free rooms for rent, at a good price, around 300 euros.

I want the old houses of the neighbourhood refurbished and make proper windows so that living rooms have more light, and not a weird bedroom.

A lot of work for everyone in the neighbourhood.

I wish Julia was my best friend. But if this is for the neighbourhood, I want the streets to be as nice as they already are.

Children’s areas and parks.

I want the neighbourhood to be cleaner…, I want the neighbourhood to look prettier… I want… so many things.

It would be great to have more cleanliness in the streets.

There a lot of dog shit.

Beers at one euro.

Bicycle lane for all Madrid and for the neighbourhood.

A park to drink.

I want the neighbourhood to stop smelling like piss because of the Mayor, that doesn’t take care of the neighbourhood at all. Thanks.

To turn Toledo street into a pedestrian lane.

I want the prices of the rent to decrease and to put terraces in every house so there is plenty of light.

I wish they didn’t break the moneybox anymore and I hope it truly worked and for this project, which is so much fun, made this neighbourhood really improve.

A golf course.

I wish there were no drunks.

I want the public library to remain. And to make it pedestrian. Pedestrian Latina now!

Benches for everyone.

We want less traffic in the neighbourhood.

Only park in la Cornisa.

Only park in la Cornisa.

I want a park in the square and not so many drunks because they do bad things to us.

I would love this neighbourhood to be hyper-civilized and for people to like things that are done, they would take care of them and were friendly to strange objects.

I want 400000 trees in my neighbourhood so that we all have shade in the summer and so it’s very green.

We want a park for the children to play every afternoon.

I want a statue of Gallardon here.

I would like a removable swimming pool for summer here, in this square.

A swimming pool for children.

I want more terraces.

I want a clean neighbourhood.

More signs showing the way.

Hi, first I would like to congratulate you, the project, and well, and wish you would do something in Granados street, in the steps there are.

Less police and let the good looking people around here sing and play.

To clean the piss.

Hi, my wish to clean the neighbourhood and Granados street.

A graffiti wall for the neighbourhood.

For the moneybox to remain for a long time.

For La Latina to have orchards.

For the moneybox to remain in La Latina.

We want cheaper housing in La Latina, this beautiful neighbourhood.

Don’t take the park of la Cornisa.

A bus line that comes from Moncloa. We almost don’t have public transport around here.



SC: sagrado Corazon
I: interviewee

Sagrado Corazon 1
SC- La Latina swimming pool?
I-Yes, they have demolished it, to renovate it, but we don’t know what they are going to do.
SC- Let them renovate it then.
I-Yes, let them do it and leave it because there are people that if they want to go. And if it’s not ready, well…. They have to go to another place that is more… besides, it is something that’s been there for a long time, as far as I know. It doesn’t mean that it’s been there long before I was born.

Sagrado Corazon 2
I- What do I want for La Latina?, tranquillity.
SC- Tranquillity?
I-Tranquillity, I’m going to move (laughter). I wish it was quieter.
SC- Something that can be made, something to build… a park…
I-No, no, they shouldn’t film so many movies down there where I live because the breakdown van has taken my car a couple of times.

Sagrado Corazon 3
A wish for the neighbourhood of La Latina is not to change the market of la Cebada. If they’re going to do it they should leave the old structures.

Sagrado Corazon 4
I want less expensive apartments, to keep the market of la Cebada, the old sports centre and more parks as well.

Sagrado Corazon 5
We want many more parks than just la Cornisa… yes, yes, the park of la Cornisa.

Sagrado Corazon 6
I come from Jerez, I’m a tourist, but I wish they made a park in La Latina.

Sagrado Corazon 7
I want such a lively and happy neighbourhood, and less drugs and less crime.

Sagrado Corazon 8
Well, nothing, lets see, I will ask a wish for the people in the neighbourhood, because they want a swimming pool for the summer, lets see if it can come true.

Sagrado Corazon 9
To reduce the rate of beggars, which as we can see, are taking over the streets day by day. More shelters and support from public institutions.

Sagrado Corazon 10
Everything, be good, and hey, the neighbourhood should be cleaner, looking good, let there be no robberies, lets all be good, ok? That’s my wish.

Sagrado Corazon 11
Well, I live in Holland but I’ve been coming here for a long time now, and I always find people without a house over there, I feel sorry for them, and I have just given them a euro, but of course, that is not a good solution. Look, that man is putting out the bucket that works as kitchen and we should solve such awful situations by opening a shelter and giving them the services they need, and I think that would be a great measure for the neighbourhood.

Sagrado Corazon 12
More surveillance over people with dogs, and to build a hospital, not a Vatican.

Sagrado Corazon 13
Savings book.

Sagrado Corazon 14
I-They should build a huge swimming pool.
SC- For you and for your grandchildren.
I- For everyone.

Sagrado Corazon 15
I want an alternative theatre because it’s a necessity to be fulfilled in Madrid, because alternative theatres of today, the most different was Cuarta Pared but now everyone gets into fights and do things that are, typical of elites you know, there’s no alternative and the other tiny ones, in order to eat use commercial material such as monologues like the ones by Manolo Manola talking about pooh, butt, fart, piss and there’s no alternative theatre.

Sagrado Corazon 16
We would like a supermarket there, bigger, which delivered to the houses, because elderly people don’t have a single store with home delivery. They could make a shopping mall instead of that, with home delivery service to help elderly people, because this neighbourhood is full of them.

Sagrado Corazon 17
I1- Social action for the underprivileged, no? for underprivileged people.
I2- But it’s complicated Nacho.
I1- I wouldn’t use the money to install a streetlight, for example, because City Hall should do that, but there are lots of associations that need material support or that type of thing, places that work with kids, which need pencils o that type of… lets say, I wouldn’t use it to install a crystal balloon that will last one month and which I don’t, don’t think… I would use it for a social purpose…, yes, yes.

Sagrado Corazon 18
I1- What I would do, for example, would be a chotis dancehall, for older people to teach youngsters, in that way you can attract the elderly public which is in possession of the pesetas, to teach a traditional dance from Madrid that many of us youngsters don’t know how to dance and chotis is speakers, chotis, and on the floor people dance and it could be a good interaction between different generations, the elderly person putting the pesetas, exchanging information related to the old Madrid, that has to do with pesetas, with the youngster.
I2- Nacho, maybe it would be better to practice zarzuela, because chotis,…
I1- Well, any dance they might know, the old people, older than 55 or 60, ha?

Sagrado Corazon 19
The first thing is, to me, that people knew what they really desire, I’m sure people can think, there is a lot of people saying “I want to help others” and don’t understand that first of all they have to help themselves because of their type of job or type of life they have due to lack of care for their children. I would promote something to bring awareness about what is truly valuable in life. Make people aware, I don’t know, to promote conferences but not on an intellectual level but for everyday people. Do you want to know how to improve family life? Or, do you want…? I once heard of a man that tried to make rich people happy and he was greatly criticized because they said “you have to help poor people” and he said “no, no, rich people have their own problems… because they only collect money and we have to show them to live, right?” well it’s a bit…, because now in Madrid people say “I don’t have money” but we all have, all. This month I can’t pay the rent, but next month I will have more than I need and… I don’t know. I don’t how to do that.

Sagrado Corazon 20
To clean the neighbourhood up, ok?

Sagrado Corazon 21
I think the best thing would be to create more parks and an underground car park so there wouldn’t be so many cars in the streets.

Sagrado Corazon 22
There’s a lot, ha? we have many wishes. Clean streets; less noise; bars to close their doors so we don’t hear; apart, the market is in terrible condition. We want a new market, a new sports centre.

Sagrado Corazon 23
- Hey, hello. We are members of school Sagrado Corazon and we are participating in the Moneybox of Wishes project, we’re asking people about their wishes for La Latina and we wanted to know if you could tell us yours.
- I, having been born in this neighbourhood, want all of us to be able to be in the streets. I want the street to be, apart from a way to collect taxes, a place where lots of children play, with night watchmen, it doesn’t matter we can all enjoy our neighbourhood. Because we are always paying and we receive very little.

Sagrado Corazon 24
I have several wishes. Lets see, first I would want the market to be renewed, it is a project that has been discussed for many years now. I would like the streets to be clean. I would like the park of la Cornisa to remain as it is, and to preserve the small business model. These are, in the meantime, all the wishes I remember.

Sagrado Corazon 26
My wishes the neighbourhood of La Latina are, well they are great and wide. First and foremost, I want a new market, this one is really old, it’s in very bad condition, and a sports centre, of course. The area needs it, as well as a bit of development in its streets, a bit like in other neighbourhoods. This one is very much abandoned in that sense. These are my wishes.

Sagrado Corazon 27
I-Well! I ask for health, you see.
SC- This was the neighbourhood, that is, something you would like to have in the neighbourhood of La Latina but there isn’t.
I- Something there isn’t, well gosh,. Well the big thing, what they haven’t done, leave the market like that, a modern market.
Of course…
SC- Warmer.
I-Better equipped. You guys, as youngsters. Do you want the market as it is?
SC- No.
I- Well, you’ve said it all.

Sagrado Corazon 28
My wish? A new market. Someone should build a new market, please, we really need it.