2004. Emancipator bubble (theoretical data)

"EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE is the solution to all emancipation problems. It’s an inflatable bubble that enables independence without having to leave your parents’ house. Easy to set up, it offers maximum comfort with a minimum effort, thanks to its irrigation channels, electricity and telephone inlets to directly connect it to the family house, you won’t have expenses. There are many different models. Choose yours!”


EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE is young, new and fun. It’s what you need to live as you want. The next trend.

EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE offers the possibility of independence to young people from a young perspective. You can easily install it in your parents’ house and enjoy your own space, reaching the limits of ethical and living conditions.

EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE is not created as an emergency device, but does have a limited time use. These limits are established by the user and his family and the product’s resistance.



Housing, as work, is one of those inalienable rights that all of us should have, but each day it seems more of a privilege or luxury, and it delays young people’s independence. A matter in which we are about the last country in Europe and that all of us must try to improve.

EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE is a fake new product that imitates the aesthetic of commercial product advertisements that we see everyday on the screen or in our mailbox.

EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE’s approach of independence is ironic and playful, but still realistic. It doesn’t offer a real solution to the problem, but it offers discussion, participation and citizen’s awareness.
Its main mission is to generate a more self-critical vision on young people and the administration, to open a discussion to obtain real and imaginative solutions to this problem and promote certain concept of community, “Yes, I’m also emancipator”.

EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE is mostly oriented to a heterogeneous public of people from 18 to 34 years of age, that are the great majority of people that are in need of a house and very sensitive to this issue. A group that has been called sociological youth, which being supposedly mature, are forced to delay their independence from family and fully integrate society.

EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE being a fictitious product its materialization as a project is done through different communicative effects as presentations, RR.PP actions, press releases, etc).

400.000 chewing gums, as a metaphorical element (inflatable, it remains stuck, youthful, etc), they are the main form of word of mouth promotion of EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE.

EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE’s main communication platform of contents, information and participation and interaction with the public.

With a corporative image, it presents the product, different models, tests, games, opinions are type-characters, with which possible spectators can identify themselves, etc.

Communication actions and the rumour effect directed to making EMANCIPATOR BUBBLE a news item and create publicity.
• Tele-shopping type of advert to be shown on local TV channels.
• Presentation set.
• Presence in specialized forum son housing, youth, culture, etc, as in other places it’s possible to contact with the objective public (universities, festivals, in the street, transport, exhibitions...)
• Other promotional elements that go with the gum and the web to strengthen the sense of community: adverts, pins, t-shirts, stickers
• Etc..