2005. Rebekka Reich + Anne Lorenz. TAXI MADRID (technical data)


1. Find 10 former inhabitants of Madrid in Europe.
2. Interview them via telephone or email with the same set of questions.
3. Analyse the answers and construct one episode for each of the 10 taxis in collaboration with
a writer and a sound designer
4. Transform and edit the found material with our artistic viewpoint into 10 mini-installations
5. Produce the installations by the means of sound, language, music, smell, objects and
interaction with the taxi drivers.
6. Prepare the taxis
7. Rehearsals with the taxi-drivers


Sep-Nov 2004: interviews, first trip to Madrid: contacts to taxi operators, contraction of: actors for sound-recordings, writer, translator and sound-designer
Dec 2004: design of episodes
Jan 2005: sound-recordings / post-production
Jan/Feb 2005: second trip to Madrid. Installation and rehearsals two weeks prior to the opening