2006. Arnoud Schuurman. STICKIES (technical data)


The technical requirements depend strongly on the possibilities that the project offers such as location, amount of space available and conditions for implementing the stickies in a given area. Permission will be needed from municipality and owners of buildings to make this project possible. The project’s shape may vary in material use from a big sheet of cardboard glued onto a surface to hardboard sign mounted onto a construction to support it’s weight and surface onto a wall, signpost or given structure. I have years of experience in making constructions however for this project it might be wise to hire a local craftsman to materialise the stickies. The stickies should be mounted properly. It needs to be wind proof and it will have to be waterproof.

I will coordinate the montage of the stickies myself with the help of a local contractor.

I don’t know if vandalism is such an issue as it is in The Netherlands. As long as something looks good, people would respect it.

To be short I need:
-A list of available locations that would like and be suitable for a mounted sticky
-A local craftsman to make the signs.
-A team of local contractor’s
-A scaffold, If a location demands it

I could be no more specific than that this until locations would be clear .

If it will be selected I will make a more elaborate proposal for some specific location in the Madrid Abierto’s framework. It could be a good idea to visit Madrid to look for locations and think about comments/sugestions, depending on the available resources.