2006. Arnoud Schuurman. STICKIES (theoretical data)


Public space as a given; demands for public comments on how to behave, where to have access to, how to organise a space, how to move through it and in what desired speed. For my project I would like to playfully add notes to the city that emphasise and question these aspects.


Stickies were introduced quite a while ago. The invention was the result of a mistake in producing a paper glue mixture. It turned out to be a big hit and is nowadays widely used throughout the world by office clerks, housewo/man and those with a bad memory.

They function as some kind of message tag that can be put to stick on virtually any surface. The messages generally contained by these usually vary from small remarks as of lists of not to forget items/events/ideas on the personal level.

They won’t fail their task and keep being there in the face. For some they will work, for some a whole wood emerges and consumes little to zero extra attention. PROPOSAL I propose to make a series of oversized notes, or so called stickies, to ad comments and suggestions to public space and mount them at various places along the axis of Paseo de la Castellana.

My intent is to make philosophical remarks on public space, in order to confront the public with ideas/suggestions that sparkle routines and overcome barriers. To stimulate dialogue between people of different backgrounds will be the key issue.

These notes could contain content about matters, spaces, events, taboo’s and things people generally do or intent not to do. The notes will be about its direct surroundings, as well as local and global contemporary tendencies.

The matter of expression will have a slight sense, or suggestion of politics, advertisement and activism. It will be neither of them and all of them in the meantime.

The message could have a geopolitical sense, might sound like commercial and would like to be activist’ demand, but will remain the autonomous artistic realm of a philosophical message.

The content that will be on the notes will be clear beforehand and could be revised. ‘Smile to foreigners’ is a statement I like in particular, since it addresses such a contemporary social/politically issue.


The notes could be presented in various ways.

It will be a crucial thing of how they will be conducted to the spectator. It could be a huge sheet mounted on the 7th floor of a large building, a nagging sign in a badly functioning public spot, a square where people hang out but also a humble little note pasted on top of the stairs before entering the metro-tube. All a big difference of look and potential content.