2006. Nicole Cousino + Chris Vecchio. SPEAKHERE! (technical data)



1- unplug the main electric cable

2- unscrew the black disk in the middle of the large metal disk

3- carefully remove the large metal dish - attached with one more screw

4- carefully open up the box - you can rest the plastic structure on the ground

5- un hook all of the electrical cables, mic cable and antenna cable from the radio transmitter

6- close the lid of the box so that the structure is back standing upright

7- using a small screwdriver unscrew the various sections. The section with the microphone can keep the microphone attached inside, and just pull the cable up with it. The taller section has the antenna. Remove each section starting at the top and you should be able to pull the antenna up. If it does not come easily then you have to remove another section to disconnect two cables that maybe stuck in the curved section

8- the final section that is attached to the base can be removed by opening the box and undoing the screws that hold a ring in place for one side. The other side is held in by bolts and can also be undone from inside the box

9- all screws could be put in a bag and shipped inside of the plastic box

10- you will need a wrench to remove the screws that secured the box to the sidewalk

11- there are boxes for the ICOM radio and ASTRON power supply these can be wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped inside of the plastic box that forms the base - please make sure that everything is well packed in so that it does not rattle around in the box.

12- Each of the plastic parts and the metal dish can be wrapped in bubble and should be able to fit in the boxes that they came in


1- unplug the main electric cable and pull it up from the ground and perhaps stash it in the bushes so that later Pedro or someone else can disconnect it from the main green box

2- unlock the box and disconnect all of the wiring from the radio receiver

3- inside the box you should be able to unscrew the nuts from the gray plastic grommets that attach the speaker hoses to the box and pull out the speaker wires from inside the box

4- you will need a ladder and heavy duty screw driver to disconnect the wire holding the speakers on the post. Disconnect each speaker

5- each speaker has a green hose with the speaker wire. The speaker wire will need to be disconnected from the speaker itself before the hose can be removed

6- the 2 larger speakers have multiple sections. Unscrew the section first where the speaker is and undo the speaker wires from the speaker

7- the speaker wires in the green hoses can then be disconnected from the speakers by unscrewing the grey connector

8- the speaker wires in the green hoses get coiled up

9- the speakers can then be unscrewed and broken down in to separate sections

10- the smallest speaker that looks like a flower pot – don’t bother trying to disconnect the hose from the speaker – it can stay as one piece

11- there are boxes for the ICOM radio, ASTRON power supply, and SONY audio amplifier. This equipment can be wrapped in bubble, packed well inside the green box and shipped that way

12- the speaker parts should be wrapped in bubble and should fit in the boxes or you may need one additional box to fit everything in

13- the wooden post or “tree” can be removed or lit on fire at the site and the ashes can be taken sprinkled under the shrubs