2006. Tao G. Vrhovec. REALITY SOUNDTRAK (technical data)


Installation consists of a big – 5.5 m (length) x 4.5 m (height) Reality Soundtrack Instruction Score (see documentation) on a wall. In front of the wall, there is small radio transmitter with antenna that is transmitting RS. On the floor, there are 25 radio receivers scattered around, transmitting the sound in moderate loudness. Next to the wall there is a television with video documentation of the previous interventions, and a table with A4 photocopies of previous Intervention Maps.

WEBSITE (under construction)
On the Website, there is all the documentation about Reality Soundtrack. It is possible to download sound in MP3 format, and to print out the Reality Soundtrack Instruction Score, which has all the information and instructions necessary for the intervention to be realised – it is some kind of score for the realisation of the intervention.

Website enables global realisation of the sound intervention, which means as well, that my presence as the author of the project is no longer absoloutley necessary for the realisation.


For the intervention

- preparation time: 2 full days
- 1 FM radio transmitter* with antenna* or collaboration with existing radio station
- 25 or more participants that would carry radios
- 25 portable FM radio receivers*
- 96 batteries for the radios
* I have this material

For the installation

- preparation time: 2 full days
- white wall 5.5 m (length) x 4.5 m (height)
- 20 m2 space in front of that wall
- 2 tables 1m x 1m
- 1 DVD player
- 1 TV monitor