2006. Tere Recarens. REMOLINO (theoretical data)

"Remolino" is a turning door similar to those we find in airports or shopping centers, which moves with the help of a motor. Self-made, it uses the basic necessary (motor and metal base) materials and the glass has been exchanged for wooden frames and transparent plastic.

I will draw a series on different subjects; everyday experiences, comical and social situations.on each of the 8 sheets of the door: In such a way that the pedestrians will have to follow the pictures to see them, but there will also be other pictures following the pedestrians.

If the pedestrians want to see all the pictures, they will have to go around it at least 4 times.

In this installation, as in others I have already done, the audience is a major factor. We are used to stop in front of one or several drawings, but in this case the drawings will have their own rhythm.

“Remolino” is a project that completes a cycle of works that began when I started living in Berlin. Starting off with “He”, a video in which I invited the Germans to breath out of a helium balloon, “Besenrein” the highest jump I have ever done, cleaning clouds with a broom while skydiving, in “19th of March 2014” two containers will be opened in that same date as if they were the prints of a nose dive landing; then, the rebound, which would be “Shooting star”, a pole vault in an interior patio which is photographed from the top of the building, and last, “Whirl” gets back to the earthly, that is, physical movement more than mental.

One of the qualities that I like to include in my installations is the general public, and that is just what Madrid Abierto offers.