2006. Tere Recarens. REMOLINO (technical data)


To build “Whirl” we will need a motor similar to the one used in revolving doors, which is activated when people walk through them. This motor would be embedded in the axis of the piece. I would need a technician to do it.

The four doors are united to the axis and the system is thought of as a collapsible piece. The structure of the doors is made of wood and drawings should be made of translucent materials. It is convenient that these stands will be as light as possible.

If “Whirl” should be a piece independent from space (in case we wouldn’t be able to make a hole in the floor or ceiling), in the lower part of the axis there should be a metal piece to provide balance.

The budget that I present has been studied in Barcelona with a specialist in works.


3, 60 m. diameter
2, 50 m. high