2006. Wilfredo Prieto. OUROBOROS (theoretical data)


It’s about building a crane that is attached to itself so that its forces are neutralized and it seems completely static.


A learning process is established to exactly define what type of material is necessary to do the project with the aid of specialized technicians. During that time the necessary material will be chosen and a plan of action will be designed so the piece can be made without harming anyone.

Just as important as the final result will be the whole elaboration process, that is, necessary permits, material adaptation, engineering calculations, etc. Logistic problems that may arouse are as important as the final work.


My piece intends to dwell on the same principal, to say a lot with very little, a formula that may be reversed to project a complex construction to achieve a meagre result. Using minimalism as a reference, the search of balance between forces is my goal for this event. The paradox that is created when the fish bites its own tongue, the yin and yang contradiction, the universal complement of good and bad, life and death, the vicious cycle.

Before the static machine, one can only be amazed by the visual brutality of its result. Anyhow, I want to explore the role of art in territories of coexistence, therefore as Cuban, I deal with everyday life without forgetting that life itself is a paradox that encourages us to live, to die and, sometimes, to create art.