2007. Dirk Vollenbroich. SHORT CIRCUIT (technical data)



Especially controlled light sources (40x30x30 cm) will be positioned in each room of the Palacio de Comunicaciones. By an parallel transmitted electronic pulse all light sources inside the building do a short blink. The blinking is random controlled and can be realized trough the windows from outside as an indirect lighting.


- The whole Lighting Equipment needs regular power supply; 230 V AC.
- The Lighting modules are stand alone solutions.
- It is possible to build up the lighting modules in flexibel positions in each room.
- Inside each room of Palacio de Comunicaciones will be one or two lighting modules in
use (each 40x30x30xm).
- The Installation usage in the whole building is about 10 kW/h (= 0,2kW/h each module).
- The installation needs no special technical requirement.
- The installation is build up in between 1-2 days and taken down in 3-4 hours
- All components are certified by the Geman TÜV (Technical Supervisory Association)
- ...