2008. Alicia Framis + Michael Lin. 100 WAYS TO WEAR A FLAG (theoretical data)

Alicia has been living for 3 months in Shanghai preparing the project, which consists of the creation of a collection of dresses made out of the Chinese flag, which will be used for a great parade-performance in Madrid. The dresses will be made by a group of Spanish and Chinese designers. Bearing in mind the woman’s situation in China, each designer will give his vision on the subject through the dress.

For this performance I plan to create a special architectonic platform to be used as catwalk in the fashion show. We plan the event to be itinerant and travel to different cities, so the platform will be collapsible.

My collaboration with Alicia on this project has to do with our common interest in the subject, as well as the complementary nature of both proposals. The architectonic structures are a fundamental part of my work. My installations are architectonic processes where I suggest a different way of experimentation with painting in space. I use space (public or private) as an element where “the piece becomes part of space rather than an object in space”. The painting of its installations surrounds and transforms an environment with a clearly aesthetic intention, but, at the same time, with the suggestion of stepping on it, for people to manipulate it, defying the autonomy of art forms and starting work processes on location, with the direct participation of the audience. My work fits the realm of relational practices that define aesthetic values as social relations where communication, interaction and vital experience of the audience within the space conforms the basis of the artistic project. It is important to de-contextualize the piece and integrate it in the sphere of immediate reality, design interiors, furniture, coffee-cups, a tennis court, or, in this case, a catwalk for a fashion show.

The striking patterns that distinguish my paintings are inspired by traditional Asian textiles. These patterns, as well as their industrial fabrication and traditional decorative arts are of major importance in my work; fabric turns into architectonic structures, and dresses are shown on these structures, creating a dialogue between both projects which complement each other. Thus, the architectonic structure with oriental patterns will be the perfect frame for the Chinese flag fashion show.