2006. Gustav Hellberg. PULSING PATH: AMBIGUOUS VISION (theoretical data)

 Controlling the street lamps along a path to make its light into a pulsing effect.

A chosen segment of street lamps is altered so that the light pulses in a slow cycle. The normal light is slowly dimmed until the lamps don’t light up the path. After a short while the light rises back to full light effect, thus creating an unexpected situation for passers by, altering the normal function of street lamps.

The oscillating light of the street lamps in Pulsing Path activates the lane and gives it a behaviour separating it from ‘normal’ streets; its expression is transformed and becomes displaced. This raises questions about states of normality and the uncertainty surrounding human existence, even if we have always tried to master the world by structuring it.

The inertia of change, the aging of humans and changes in society, makes it difficult to discover its course or even to be aware of it. Pulsing Path is playing with the awareness of the surroundings, the perception of it and the memory of its appearance. A street and its lighting might not be what you think. Are we always sure where a path is leading? Is seeing an object an evidence of its existence?

Verison I:
A stretch of between six and ten lamp posts is given the pulsing effect.

Version II:
Lamp posts surrounding a smaller space, a statue or a fountain will be used.

Version III:
If possible, a long stretch of lamp posts (between two crossing streets) is given the
pulsing effect.



Light - The light makes things visible in the dark
Light can be bright, dim or totally absent. In our contemporary world we are used to artificial light reducing darkness. We somewhat rely on it to always be there. What if it suddenly disappears or if it instead of illuminating creates a visual effect fooling your mind, only creating an image?

Path - A path leads somewhere, it stretches from point A to point B
The path can suddenly become vague and hard to find and it can split into two or more forking paths leaving you to choose which route to take.