2009-2010. Laurence Bonvin. DRAFT (theoretical data)

For Madrid Abierto I intend to realize a project for which I already made locations scouting and first images in December 2007. What interest me most in Madrid is the amazing development that occurred in the last years in the periphery of the city, areas such as Seseña Nuevo, Esquivias, Paracuellos de Jarama (Mira Madrid) where the real estate industry has launched some gigantic satellite cites. The intention is approach the subject with a documentary and a critical point of view. With the crisis surrounding the real estate business the situation must be in a critical state and nobody knows how things will be in the coming 2 years.

My aim for this project is to investigate photographically this issue. Additionally I would like to invite urban planners, architects to write critical texts that will be included in a brochure. To finalize the project printed posters will be placed in the streets in different parts of the city and a set of postcards will be distributed in the information booth of Madrid Abierto. Both presentation turning around the idea of an idealized image of the city and making a selection of images available to everyone.