2009-2010. Teddy Cruz. TRÁFICO (thecnical data)


These are some of the topics we should elaborate immediately after we receive a response to this proposal:

1. Begin to work with Felipe Zuñiga to continue researching on which neighborhood is best, which agencies, characters should participate. (Create a list of staff members to be included in the project).

2. Initiate (and continue) contacts with other institutions to create an economic fund needed to develop the project.

3. Continue and verify as accurately as possible the quantity and budget needed for materials and systems needed to carry out the project.

4. Clarify a general budget for the entire project.

5. Consult with our structural engineer for the structural analyses of our project.

6. Research existing restrictions, related to permits and bureaucratic processes in Madrid.




Traffic cones
Industrial plastic curtains
Plywood house
Portable toilet
Readymade industrial scaffolding



79 11


















09-10prtc3575, 09-10prmc3574-09-10prmc2598