2009-2010. Josep-María Martín. A DIGESTIVE HOUSE FOR LAVAPIÉS (technical data)


December 2009
- Begin collaboration with the architect. February 2009.
- Choose the family from Lavapies to develop the project.
- Identify the main interlocutor of the neighborhood.
- Open up a participation process carrying out interviews with specialists, professionals, interested social agents, involved in deep thought on digestive processes, memory and habitat: psychologists, anthropologists, architects, historians, politicians, neighborhood associations, citizens, cultural associations, gastroenterologists, dietician, social workers, educators, etc.

May 2009
- Research and reflect on the importance of the habitat to help “digest memory”.
- Order the obtained information on the subject.

June 2009
- Present the proposals to the family and interlocutors, creating a debate.

June/September 2009
- Create the executive modified project, integrating and enriching, the initial proposal of prototype Digestive House.

October 2009
- Carry out the necessary administrative actions to develop the project.

December 2009- January 2010
- Build the prototype.

February 2010
- Spread the project.
- Exhibit the Digestive House project.
- Presentation of a documentary video and the website about the prototype.
- Press release.
- Publication.