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2007. Mandla Reuter. INVITACIÓN, 2006




For the duration of half a year an apartment in the city of Warsaw will be rented. It will be equipped with furniture necessary for a basic living like a bed, a table and some chairs. The appearance of the flat should be as neutral as possible.

The project that is announced as an exhibition consists of the distribution of duplicated keys to as many people as possible in different venues, where we will be staying during the period of the project. This could be e.g. Frankfurt, Berlin or Istanbul.

The aim of the project is, to soften the boundaries between a private apartment and a public space by increasing the number of people having access to the place.

A space then could be defined as a sort of public space as soon as a certain number of keys are distributed/circulating.

The keys are distributed via personal handout together with an invitation card that describes the specification of the project. A large number of people will have the possibility to visit this apartment and get an active part of the exhibition. There is no schedule that would give an insight of how the flat is frequented; therefore the permanent possibility of casual encounters is most likely.

An essential part of the project is the act of the personal handout of the keys and their distribution to various people worldwide. A potential of diverse possibilities are introduced through the speculative dimension that is inherent to the project. The owners of the keys are deciding themselves about the possible varieties.

Another part of the project is seen in the choice of the city. Taking Warsaw as the starting point of the exhibition concept is explained within the geographical coordinates of the city, that demands awareness for the specific location.

Despite of the public/private apartment theme that lays within the project, it shall also function as a kind of social platform, and an offer to people to travel to another place.

Although we will try to do as much as possible ourselves to realise the apartment project, it will be necessary to work together with one of the Warsaw based institutions and people in matters of organisation and maintenance of the flat.

The project in Warsaw was realised with support of Buero Kopernikus, and e-flux.