2007. Mauricio Bejarano. DENSE POSTCARD

Year: 2006 Format: CD Audio Stereo / MURCIÉLAGO’s studio production in Bogotá, Colombia


Name Play Size Duration
6.8 MB 9:51 min

 Interwoven sonorous images between Madrid and Bogota, between Spain and Columbia: sonorous features of both cities: bells, sirens, voices, murmurs; the Madrid metro and the anachronistic and nostalgic train that crosses Bogota, the Retiro park and the Simón Bolívar park, the markets of El Rastro and El Pasaje La Macarena; urban music, Galician bagpipes played in Madrid and coastal papayera bands on Bogota’s seventh street; the ocean that joins us, the Atlantic Ocean in Cadiz and the plane journey to Europe; the water fountain in Plaza Colon and the Andine downpours and thunder in  Bogota, urban waters and wild waters; cattle bells of sheep crossing Madrid and a  combination of music for voice and régale organ played in the El Retiro’s metro station with Amazonian fauna, leaf hoppers, cicadas, frogs, parrots, spider monkeys and the song of the native birds of Madrid.

Madrid - Bogota is a hybrid sonorous landscape, interwoven and set in the radial scene, freed from its geography and causal events. Acousmatic and radiophonic listening of sonorous cultural images, of common geophonies. This phonographic and radiophonic piece conjures reflections on La Radia of the futurist poet Tomasso Marinetti, as a brief homage to the Drama of Distances.







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