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2007. Ben Frost. RE_SQUARED, 2003




RE_SQUARED, 2003   
Structural Installation + Live AudioVisual Performances
Performed on 9th - 16th October, 2003
Undercroft of the Plaza building, Australia Square, Sydney

For this series of free public works, Cicada investigated a well-known city-space, which was reconfigured into an immersive audiovisual environment, making use of the imposing and enclosing structure to explore themes of the subliminal emotions of the community that traverses the space on a daily basis. Through projected image and sound, Re_Squared explored the notion of creating spontaneous public space.

During Re_Squared performances, the space transformed. Real-time manipulated video, mapped exactly to the oblique surfaces surrounding the viewer on five sides, redefined the space with texture and light. Audiovisual micro-narratives constantly raised their heads, only to fall back into an abstract sea of sound and image. The live, surround sound audio performance and sound design explored the subsonic possibilities of a space that has many abrupt surfaces, but at the same time, many voids. The audio and video conjoined to produce a series of emotional states, some beautiful, some deeply uneasy, drawing inspiration from the imaginations of city-dwellers.

Video: Kirsten Bradley + Nick Ritar
Audio: Ben Frost

Re_ Squared was presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition Primavera 2003