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2008. Todo por la praxis. ACTION ART

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TODO POR LA PRAXIS (TPP) was created as a “laboratory for Projects” which produces a variety of aesthetic and cultural projects. TPP is formalized in an area of design and testing of the most efficient cultural resistance techniques, focusing on testing non conventional tools, forms of organization and action, around specific action projects. Their two basic themes are activist artistic practices or opposition practices as a means to represent social conflict in an effective aesthetic manner and artistic practices in/on public space and its repercussions on the social context in which they inscribe themselves. Those basic themes are themselves divided in three research lines that are represented through their alter egos: establishing a symbolic game which defines each of their working areas.




ACTION ART: Alter ego of the “Todo por la Praxis” project is created as a form of agitation in the cultural realm. The use of a Mexican wrestler character as a superhero is conceived as an ironic use of the fetishes that appear in the formal iconography of the “world of art”. Both designers and artists have used these masks and, in some way, an everyday element has been institutionalized into the category of a fetish, becoming just another element in the incomprehensible universe which is present in the codes of contemporary art.

The de-fetishization of artistic processes and the globalization of discursive tools is the main task to which this antihero is committed. Against the art of representation, we find the practice of confrontational cultural and artistic activism projecting itself in works of propaganda and agitation. Interventions in the public realm, etc… all of them with a basic assumption: the anti-hegemonic construction of discourse.













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