Audiovisual Works

2007. Alfredo Pérez Bravo. MIS QUINCE

YEAR: 2006


In general, the video is a satire towards many people’s tendency to turn the major events of their lives into a feast of vanity and kitsch. The subject of ‘fifteen’ is particularly tackled with the photographic editing jobs that young girls tend to want to immortalise that phase of their lives. It is customary (at least in Cuba) for most fifteen-year-old girls to pay a visit to a photographic studio to have photos taken of themselves that are subsequently digitally edited so that we may as well see the same girl in a bathing costume against a snowed landscape, wearing high-heeled shoes in the sand or half naked shoulder-to-shoulder with her favourite pop star. 

This work is a synthesis of a grand performance that is awaiting financing for execution.








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