2008. Fernando Llanos. [VI VÍDEO] (record of the video-projections)

Video-intervention number 16

Name: Discovery of the colon.
Situation: Underlining the grotesque: projection of gay porno films (macho type) on the map that shows Colon’s route to America.
Place: Monument to Colon.

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Video-intervention number 17

Name: Supporting moral (o botellón mestizo).
Situation: Videoman proyects Ecuatorian karaokes songs in a Madrid "botellón" (a gruop of young people dinking on the street).
Place: Plaza Vázquez de Mella (Chueca)

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Video-intervention 18

Name: Artistic solidarity
Situation: Supporting colleagues: Santiago Cirugeda’s video was downloaded from Internet and we projected on his piece, then we tried to project Jota Castro’s “Incas’ moneybox” on the facade of the Spanish Bank. This piece wants to reimburse the gold that was stolen to the Incas and has been retired because it was vandalized. Unfortunately, and for technical reasons that I ignore we couldn’t project it, and we couldn’t demand the money. It seems like they don’t want to give it back.
Place: Paseo de Recoletos and Banco de España.

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Video-intervention 19

Name: Parasitic projection (or “mexicaning” the neighbour).
Situation: During a cocktail in Casa de América for a Brazilian photographer that is exhibiting in the next room, Videoman projected the history of his own piece to take advantage of event’s mass appeal. In this case, without electrical autonomy, using the place’s light.
Place: Casa de América.

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Video-intervention 20

Name: Demonstrating opinions
Situation: The Partido Popular (right wing conservative party- in Spain) made some very controversial statements about reducing the penal age to 12 years, increase surveillance and more police presence. During the day the opinions of some citizens were recorded reflecting on such statements and at night they were projected on the PP’s headquarters.
Place: Génova street.

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Video-intervention 21

Name: Without sub-titles
Situation: A Caribbean sunset is projected upon a museum. Possible interpretations: a tribute to Felipe Ehrenberg, or to future cities that will be covered by water or simply a creative visual act: a liquid invocation to thirsty Madrid.
Place: Reina Sofía Museum.

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Video-intervention 22

Name: Love serenade
Situation: Projection of An open heart surgery, with Basque laptop live musician in the background.
Date and place: 14th of February in Plaza de la Lealtad.

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