2007. Ben Frost. POLLINATING THE VERNACULUS (technical data)


Each prepared beehive will contain a single Mono Speaker and small non directional light. Each Box is sealed except for discreet existing gaps in the construction of the object (This artwork will be WEATHER PROOF and will not require daily
deconstruction in an outdoor environment) which, at night will create a very subtle and yet non-invasive visual effect to accompany the more obvious yet still inherently subtle aural effect. Each Box, placed in a single straight line, separated by a distance of 2m, preferably running parallel to a footpath, wall, or other avenue of foot traffic, containing both speaker and light will chain together creating a single strip of cabling which will require access to a secure (remote) indoor environment where a multi-channel audio interface, basic computer either desktop or laptop*, and amplifier will ‘run’ the piece and feed each channel of audio to its corresponding box.

*note that this computer/interface-based installation could potentially be substituted for 5 single hi quality cd players with a continuous looping function.

The piece will require a single standard power source.


A Very basic figure of proposed installation

All aspects of the production of aural content up until the point of presentation will be self-financed and/or supported by external research funding and in-kind support of the recording studio ‘Greenhouse Studios’, Reykjavik








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