2008. Petra Dubach + Mario Van Horrik. ULTRECHT CS


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Petra Dubach, Mario Van Horrik. UTRECHT CS
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The railway station of the city of Utrecht, Netherland, is the most busy and central in the Netherlands.

The railwaystation has 20 platforms, from 16 of these, passengertrains stop and leave at fixed times.

We have set out these 16 platforms on a card, used for composing for music boxes. (The instrument is played by turning a wheel, that pulls through the card. Holes cut in the card make the instrument play corresponding pitched notes). So every platform has its own fixed note. Then we punched the departure times for each platform out of the paper; one bar representing one hour. So 24 bars for one day.

The mp3-file attached is the result played by hand on the music box. Surprisingly, the squeeky sound of the instrument itself, and the resulting score, have very much the resemblance of a train leaving, accellerating, and stopping again.















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